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Motivation is present within us all and means that a person has a desire to achieve something their mind is set on. In some cases for meager survival, and in other cases, the business arena for instance, to meet or exceed goals. Motivation for a student may mean completing all assignments and striving to get good grades. In other cases a person may be motivated to obtain a larger home or new car, but the fact is that we are all motivated in one way or another as humans.


The function or characteristic of motivation is to offer us the desire and drive to obtain or get done whatever it is that we want or need to happen. Without motivation and then action, nothing a person desires would materialize. We may never even rise up from our beds without motivation to do so and then action must follow to achieve the act. Motivation works hand in hand with desire and action.


In business for instance, employers have known for years how important motivated employees are to the health of their company. Back in the early and mid 1900’s for instance, people like W. Clement Stone and Norman Vincent Peale recognized it’s great significance and wrote books on the subject and spoke about motivation in seminars, and still today there are speakers such as Anthony Robbins doing the same thing.

Employers know that if their sales people for instance, are motivated, that they will produce more sales. Many times perks or incentives are used to create this particular motivation. Even without perks though, many are motivated by simply wanting to accomplish their personal best for themselves and family, something that you cannot put a price tag on.


The potential of being motivated is very powerful. In the work place it can mean more production. As parents, to provide their children with a higher education. In the fitness center, the potential of motivation is to create firmer muscles and better health. Motivation was also very present in the development of a rocket ship to be flown to the moon which proved to be one of mans greatest feats, which began with an idea or thought that it was possible, motivation and desire to pursue followed, which led to action, and ended in accomplishment.. The potential of being motivated is boundless with endless results.


Consider motivation as the inspiration needed to be successful at whatever it is you pursue. A common denominator you will find present in successful people is that they were all motivated, and even when knocked backwards or stumbling blocks were before them, motivation to reach the goal provided the spirit and energy to persist. Also consider that even our innate needs such as food, water and shelter require motivation to be met. Motivation is the key ingredient that provides the inspiration and fuel for action.


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