Iceland, Hot Travel Destination For 2009

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To predict what will be the hot travel destination for 2009, all the travel experts had to do was follow the money. The American economy is down, but American’s still want to travel and will travel wherever they can get the biggest bang for their buck. That criteria puts Iceland at the top of the list of hot travel destinations for 2009.

The Icelandic government had to take control of Iceland’s banking system after Iceland was financially devastated by the global credit squeeze. Subsequently, the value of Iceland’s krona fell dramatically. Bad news for Icelanders, good news for travelers wanting to see Iceland. Iceland is now one of the best travel bargains in Europe, with the American dollar being worth twice as much as the Iceland krona.

Icelandair, Iceland’s air travel service provider, is desperate for air travelers. Iceland’s own citizens are unable to afford to fly right now, so Icelandair is offering great deals to entice travelers to come to Iceland.

Iceland offers an abundance of natural wonders to the traveler- glaciers, geysers, mountains, volcanoes, the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, and of course, ice.

Even though Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, Iceland offers travelers a modern city, Reykjavik, with it’s culture, museums, food and night life.

There’s never been a better time to travel to Iceland. Bargain airfare courtesy of Icelandair, twice as much American dollar buying power on the ground, and a new natural and cultural frontier to explore makes Iceland the hot travel destination for 2009.


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