Why don’t hot girls always hold their head high?

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Why do girls wear tight clothes? You have without a doubt seen these girls at the Wal Mart or the mall. They have on the suck butt tightest jeans they could squeeze their little bubble behinds into. Then they top these off with a low cut cleavage window or a nice tight white tee shirt or some other form of breast advertisement. You know they got dressed went to the mirror and thought “Oh yeah! Check me out! Baby!”. Then when you look at these girls they start with the folded arms and the look of terror on their faces, that says “you don’t see me I am invisible.” Do these girls not realize that the one single young man and the twenty girlfriends they are trying to impress are not the only ones who will see her? Don’t get me wrong. I think a girl should dress how ever she likes. I also think that once she leaves the house dressed like that she should own it for herself. Radiate a little confidence, don’t be insulted by the guy that looks and obviously likes what she has on display. She should be offended by the guy who does not even notice her as she passes. That is what I think is wrong about wearing some thing hot in public. If you are going to dress hot young lady then own it all the way. Do not drop your eyes from anyone or cover up, just enjoy the attention and go on. Remember that one day you might not get the attention so enjoy it while you can.


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