Olive Oil as an All Natural Beauty Treatment

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Olive oil absorbs easily into the skin, making it a great moisturizer. Whether you use it on your skin, hair or nails, olive oil can be an essential part of your beauty routine. You can save money and look awesome with these simple beauty recipes using olive oil.

A Deep Hair Conditioner :

Just add a little olive oil to the ends of your hair and then work it throughout. Let set for 10 minutes with a warm, damp towel wrapped around your head, and shampoo out. This method works just as well as any hot oil treatment you can buy for a fraction of the cost.

A Moisturizing/Exfoliating Facial Scrub: A couple of teaspoons of sugar and enough olive oil to make a paste is all you need for an awesome sugar scrub. Use this for the softest skin ever without spending a dime.
Body Scrub: Mix coarse salt with a little olive oil and 10gtts. of any essential oil for an aromatic and moisturizing body scrub that will exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.

A Booster For Your Moisturizer:
Power Up Your Lotion When your skin gets extra dry this winter, drizzle a little olive oil into your regular lotion bottle. Shake well and use this formulation for a richer, dry skin lotion. No new lotion needed.
Moisturize Your Nails and Cuticles: Olive oil can simply be massaged into the nail and cuticle area to moisturize and nourish the nail area. This is a great trick that will make those nasty hangnails a thing of the past.


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