A Teen Titans Without Robin…

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…is like the Packers without Favre. What are they thinking?

In Sean McKeever’s newest installment, #66, Tim Drake (apparently) leaves the role of leader and teammate, in the midst of roster-flux and recruitments. Obviously there are extenuating circumstances; Batman does not currently exist and Tim feels the weight of Gotham all on his shoulders. But is it necessary to remove him while Battle for the Cowl goes on?

For decades the Titans have existed with a Robin in spite of every major Batman storyline that took place. Without him the group’s only superhero cred is in the hands of Wonder Girl, who many believe is a flat and whiny character, though she has promise. The Titans are at their best when powerful misfits come together, steadied by the training and authority of Robin, and carve a place in the DC universe. Sans Robin the series might as well be discontinued for all the interest I have left in it.

I should mention that I am a Tim Drake man, through and through. I have always loved and connected to Robin, and Tim most of all. He’s human, cautious, relying on intellect rather than his circus acrobatic abilities, and has the most original origin as Robin out there. He hasn’t been used always to great effect, but has come into his own in the past year. Leaving the Teen Titans seems like a step back, unless they can save it by having him figure very prominently in Battle for the Cowl.

Though its extremely unlikely they will give it to him, for however long they have a Bat-substitute, I’m rooting for Tim.


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