How to Live better

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If you have any drama in your life which we all seem to have. Find some way to knock OFF . If it’s somebody bringing that drama into your life tell THEM to knock it off. You don’t want any more drama in your life. Take a deep breath. Look at the person it the mirror every morning and say something nice. Take care of what takes care of you. If you decide its God that takes care of you? Then take care of him and do the things you think he would want you to do. I don’t care really what you believe in.Let people know what YOU believe if it is good. Don’t give me any guff. You know the difference between right and wrong and good from bad..So just do it!

Remember to just BE…. Anything can happen. There might be a meteor headed to earth right now with your name on it. Pray anything and everything you want to change for the better. Love your brothers and sisters.

Just be cool. Easy does it. Relax. Take it easy. Go for it! Kick some **S but don’t hurt nobody. Be kind. Say hi. Don’t take any wooden nickles. Love the life you live and live the life you love. It is true I am hoping to make a dime writing this stuff. One thing is that the things I write are true to me and from my heart. I’m really hoping that things that I’m sharing with you today can help make a difference in your life if you choose to use them. Live!


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