How to be a better Husband and Father

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Im attempting to do to be a better Husband and Father. I believe it is working.

Stop and listen and try and understand everything that your Wife or Children bring to you. Give them your undivided attention. Don’t ever lie. If your reply is to “heavy” you can bend your response to make your answer more easy to take in and less scary. Because you know how we REALLY want to answer. Blunt and to the point scares them sometimes. And also keep in mind that you are a giant. I’m still a little boy inside and forget that I am a 260pound monster and pretty intimidating looking.

Set aside time to talk with your wife about things that are happening around the house with the children school and such… Also set aside time to talk about bills and other business with your Wife everyday. You should also get with the children everyday to do whatever. If you are out of town on business? Call them. Talking and doing things with your children I’m pretty sure will help them grow into more secure and confident adults.

If you don’t already. Find a nice church and start attending. Lots of good people there just trying to make changes and do better in life. Yes some church people suck and do and say stupid things. Maybe God puts them people there to test our hearts? The potluck dinners are really good too. These are a few things I have done in the past 4 years and really changed life as I knew it here in my home. Thats all they want is stability. A pillar of support. You are huge to them. The biggest thing in the house. Dont ever forget that. I will be adding more to this article so come back and check it out if you like.


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