Tips to Enjoy Yourself on the Web

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  1. Use the computer based on your best time. It could be the morning, afternoon, or nighttime. You should keep a pen and paper nearby to jot down any research.
  2. If you have limited computer knowledge, you can take a class/course to learn more about computers. Also, there are web information/tutorials for everything including business, careers, health, hobbies, and sports.
  3. There are numerous things you can do via the web/computer. You can exchange photos, videos, and ideas with family and friends; Establish a personal blog to express you ideas/concerns/thoughts; Start an online business for additional or primary income. 
  4. Research and join online communities based on hobbies/business/family.
  5. Ask for technical support/helo when needed.
  6. Do not allow children to explore the internet alone. Monitor their activit and limit their time on the computer.
  7. Do not purchase every product/service offered. Take the time to comparison shop before you make a purchase since some companies charge return fees.
  8. Keep track on the time spent via the web. It is possible to become distracted from your primary purpose and spend hours on the computer.
  9. Time spent on the web should be enjoyable and allow you to find balance in your life.
  10. Schedule computer time the same as other activities.

     Time is a precious source which should be used wisely. You can enjoy your activites via the web without the web activities taking over your life.  Some peopld spend so much time on the web that they neglect their jobs and family which can create havoc within a household and financial problems.


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