Career Management: Switching from Full-Time to Part-Time Employment with Ease

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  The decision to switch from full-time to part-time employment can be wonderful if time is taken to review the pros and cons of your decision. Here are some suggestions to make the transition smooth:

  1. Decide on the reason for part-time employment. Some people switch for medical, childcare, or travel concerns. Meanwhile, some people switch because of job dissatisfaction, poor management practices, and high stress.
  2. Determine if you want to stay within your industry/specialty since your can transfer your communincation, computer, and technical skills. For instance, a hospital staff nurse working 40 hours can switch to a home health care intake coordinator working 25 hours with minimal training needed. However, a elementary schoolteacher switching to nursing needs to take science/nursing coursework.
  3.  List your income/benefits needs: write down your fixed (ex. mortgage/insurance) and variable expenses (ex. telephone/clothes) along with medical-vision-life-disability insurance/paid vacations/holidays/personal days and compare this information with your part-time employment options.
  4. Discuss any plans with your spouse/significant other including the pros and cons. Pros may be additional family time, less childcare costs, and ability to explore hobbies/volunteering. On the other hand, cons may be less visibility for high profile positions, less pay, and less benefits.
  5. Decide if additional training in needed and take appropiate coursework while working full-time. Also, establish a special savings/investment account to help cushion your initial switch to part-time employment.

      This suggestions may help you decide if changing to part-time employment is a good idea for you.


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