How to prevent injuries in dancing

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It’s easy to get injured when you’re professional dancers. You dance daily and you dance too much. If you work on a movie set, you will be dancing for many hours daily and you will strain your extremities if you don’t take many precautions. I’ve seen professional dancers getting injuries all the time. One of the dancers on Step up had to get her leg repair in the surgery room after injuring herself.

It’s very easy to get injuries if you work hard on a movie set or just to do a show. You don’t want to disappoint your director and then you end up with severe injuries that could cost you your career. You might never get to dance ever again if you break your leg or have some other major injuries. You want to be able to continue with your career. If you don’t feel like the moves that you will do will be safe, you need to talk that over with your people on the set and have them deal with it. It’s better to not do it then do it and get major injuries. If you’re a director or a manager on set, you have to look out for these things and offer ways to reduce injuries. It’s your liability if the employees injure on your set anyways so you should take care of these things. It’s not uncommon to have an athlete not perform over injuries. They injure themselves all the time but injuries are preventable.

The first thing that you can do is to examine your moves. If they don’t seem that safe, you should talk it over with your coordinator. It’s better not to do it then to injure yourself. You might not have a career anymore if you injure yourself. This is something that you need to remember. If you can’t do some moves, it’s better to tell them that you can’t do it rather than trying it and then injuring yourself over it. You need to let them know. I know several dancers that broke their back and it ended their career. Yes, it can happen to you too. You should know your limit and know how much you can do each day. Your body can only handle so much pressure in one day anyways.

The second thing that can help you is to stretch. Stretching will help you in many ways. It will help you from major injuries. It’s insane to think that there will be athletes who won’t stretch. You have to stretch for at least an hour and warm up before you would do major moves. It’s very important to stretch before you dance. If you don’t stretch, you will end up with major injuries. There is no doubt about that at all.

Do you have all the right gear? You will need to wear all the right gear so that you won’t have major injuries later on. Do you have the appropriate shoes? You will also need stretchy clothing. It’s hard to dance without stretchy clothing. You can’t wear jeans or pants but lycra or cotton pants and tops only.

Do you practice too much and dance too much in any day? You should lower your amount of work to prevent injuries. For example, if you load one ton on a truck, it might not get damaged but it won’t be able to work well if you load ten tons on it. This is the same with your body. You can only handle so much at any one point. You should remember this and don’t do too much.


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