Incontinence And Diapers

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I am an adult male that suffers from urinary incontinence. I’ve dealt with this condition since I was little. Due to a car accident that did some major damage to my sphincter muscle, I couldn’t control my bladder. Of course during the 1960’s, the medical field wasn’t as advanced as it is now. Had the accident happened in the 80’s or later, it really could have been possible that I could have been spared the embarassment of having to wear diapers as a child, pre-teen, teen, young adult and up to my current age.

I’ve tried numerous devices and items to control my bladder and in the end, I’ve always choose the diaper option. Most men would probably cry at the thought of having to wear something their parents always told them that they are for babies and bedridden elders. Diapers are a natural solution to help you stay dry throughout the night and day. Over the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain my choices and help you to choose the right product for you.

Growing up in diapers did have it’s disadvantages, such as childhood teases to going through gym class in high school, but I’ve learned from those experiences and grown to be a stronger adult male in todays’ world. I wear diapers 24/7, to work, out and about with my friends and whatever I do, I assure that I’m protected. Sure…wearing diapers, you have to adapt, but with careful planning, you might be amazed that actually no one will ever suspect that you actually are wearing a diaper.

You’ve probably noticed that I call them “diapers” over the term “disposable briefs”. The reason I choose to call them diapers is quite simple… if they look like a diaper, absorb like a diaper, then why call them anything else. I’m not ashamed that I wear diapers, in fact most times, I’m quite proud. I look at my condition not as a hindrance but just as a fact of life. People with eye condtions wear eye glasses or people with leg conditions might wear leg braces, then why when someone wears a diaper…is there some problems with that.

Ok… now that is out of the way…let’s talk about diapers. There are numerous products out there in both disposable and re-useable. My preference is the disposable type…although I do wear cloth diapers, mainly at night… the choice is yours. My first disposable diaper that I tried was the Depends Fitted Briefs. They were better than the original Ambeze disposable diapers, but since there wasn’t much to choose from at the time, they were the best. Of course back in the 80’s the Depends were light green in color. Today, the Depends are white. Today, I do not buy the Depends Fitted Briefs. They are thin and prone to leaks..something you don’t what when you’re trying to keep dry and something you shouldn’t have to worry about when wearing diapers.

Attends briefs with the elastic waistband and the three tape tabs are one of my best choices of adult diapers. Luckily for me, I can buy mine locally, but you can buy them online. Some Attends have a cloth-like backing, but in my case, the wetness seems to seep through the outer covering…another thing you don’t want to deal with. I tend to favor the plastic back diapers for complete protection. Sure you’ll have to deal with the crinkling sound, but is it really audible or will someone actually know that you’re wearing diapers… I doubt it…unless you make your diapers noticeable or they’re visible… you won’t have anything to worry about. Attends is a great daytime diaper. They are thin enough to wear to work. I at times will wear a pair of boxer shorts over them to reduce the crinkling sound or even a spandex-type undergarment (as found in sporting good stores) to help with the added bulk or noise. I’ve also found that if I insert a Depends Booster inserts inside the Attends, they will give you additional absorbencies that you might require. Please note that when you add a diaper booster within your diaper, the bulk will increase, so plan ahead…wear pants that will conceal the extra padding.

Secure Plus and Secure X-Plus diapers are my all time favorite… that is if you can have a favorite in diapers.These diapers can be purchased online or by calling Secure Products at 1-866-440-0049 in the United States. The Secure Plus is a great daytime diaper and even with adding a booster pad, they are quite comfortable and the bulk is at a minimum. I like the taping zone on the front of the diaper, so re-positioning the tape tabs are quite easy. Unlike the Attends briefs, these diapers do not have an elastic waist. I have yet had any problems with leakage. 8 out of 10 times, I’ll choose a Secure Plus diaper to wear. The Secure X-Plus diaper is a superior diaper for overnight use. These diapers have an elastic waistband and extra leg cuffs for added protection. Also when used with a diaper booster pad, they give you an all-night security you might need. Please note that these diapers are quite bulky and if you decide to wear them during the daytime… there might be that obvious diaper butt you probably want to avoid. I do have to admit though, when I fly… especially on plane trips 4 hours or more, I will wear the Secure X-Plus diapers to avoid any changes at the airport and during mid-flight. I have yet to have anyone question my type of underwear. Of course I haven’t flown since 12/25/2009, so at this point with the underwear bomber in Detroit on Christmas Day… I can’t tell you what you might encounter. I will have this experience in early 2010.. (Update as of March 2010 – I have flown since writing this article and I didn’t come across anything different from the last time I flew). The crinkling sound from the Secure Plus and or the Secure X-Plus is not as much as the Attends disposable diapers… still there… if you care to carefully listen for.

Other types of dispsoable diapers that I’eve tried are numerous to count, but one superior diaper out there is the Abena line. Unfortunately I do have some issues with the tape tabs coming off or ripping off. Another thing you do not want to have when wearing adult diapers. Some people tell me that they do not have issues with this, but I know many others that do. It’s your choice, but for me, I keep to my trusted favorites.

Store brand fitted briefs or diapers are lacking in most accounts. You pay for what you get. I’m not saying that you can’t be comfortable in store brands, but it has been my experience that they tend to itch at the waist and leg gathers, not to mention the inner padding or lining that is against your skin is like a poorly made paper towel. Of course with store brands, it’s the cost that gets people to buy them.. but in my mind… if you’re going to wear diapers…why buy the cheap stuff. Do guys as a norm… buy cheap underwear… of course not. Then why would you buy cheap diapers.

Prevail by First Quality is another good daytime diaper. They have a good taping zone, they are quite comfortable to wear and unfortunately that’s about it that I can tell you about these diapers.

Adult Pull-Ups is something I try to avoid. I have yet found a pull-up that I like. They tend to leak and not to mention that they are for the most part too loose for comfort. They do not have any side-padding so using these at night, at least for me is unacceptable. So far the Attends Pull-Ups are better than any other I’ve tried, but like I said before… I stay away from these. I guess the attraction to the adult pull-ups over the adult diapers…is that unlike disposable diapers… pull-ups somewhat resemble normal underwear. Yeah right… I think that if someone saw you in a pull-up… I don’t think they’ll think it’s regular men’s underwear… in most cases… they will tend to think that they are diapers. I have a friend that calls Pull-ups – diapers, but he is wrong. In my mind a diaper is a diaper and a pull-up is a pull-up… enough said!

Ok with the disposable diaper mostly explained, let’s talk about cloth diapers. For most men, wearing cloth diapers is like going back to infancy. I’m not going to argue that point with you, but the only time I wear cloth diapers is at night. You can’t beat the absorbency and comfort of a cloth diaper. Since no one besides you and your partner will ever see them, this isn’t that much of a problem. You can buy adult cloth diapers online or if you have experience, you can make them from regular cloth baby diapers. With any cloth-based diaper, you’ll need to wear protective pants over them to ensure that your bedding stays nice and dry. Vinyl or plastic pants are my perferred overpants. There are many plastic or vinyl pants sold online or even in medical supply stores. Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers are quite bulky and it’s quite obvious that you are wearing something other than underwear underneath your lounge pants or pajamas. My cloth diapers are pinned on by your basic diaper pins found in the infant department of your local Target or Wal-Mart stores. Sure it might be embarrassing in wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants, but you’ll find them to be quite absorbent and they will even save you money over the years. I can not recommend any type of plastic pants at this time, as when VIP products made the the popluar “Gerber Baby pants” in adult sizes, I bought enough to last me a life time..unfortunately for others… this company is no longer in business.One thing I do have to add about about wearing cloth diapers vs disposable diapers is the wetness factor. Once a cloth diaper is wet, you know you’re wet, unlike today’s disposable diapers… when you’re wet… you really don’t feel the wetness. So why wear cloth diapers… they are more absorbent than disposables and keep the bedding nice and dry. Sometimes disposables might leak if you’re a side sleeper…depending on the type of dispsoable diaper you wear to bed and how it’s taped on at night.

I hope that I’ve helped you in some way in choosing your protection. Since I’ve really never know anything else for underwear, I guess I’m impartial to disposables. Sure if I had my way…I would love to wear boxer briefs, boxers or even regular briefs, but unfortunately in my case… diapers are the only solution to my bladder problems. You might wamt to ask me about catheters… I do not like these nor will I ever will. They are not comfortable to wear..cause irrations and what not… but it could be said about disposable diapers. I guess you get use to what is normal for you.

Diapers – the natural solution to urinary incontinence


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