How to Maintain Good Mental Health

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We need to constantly remember that our mental health is “Our Health”, in general. It is our being and it is a great messenger to tell us when something is either out of balance or not. We are responsible for our own maintenance of this engine, and miraculous soul and inner energy source that we have been given. 

But of course no one was handed the manual. We are all kind of looking to each other and asking if anyone else was handed that manual. Some people will say that they rely on religious literature, their doctors or others rely on family traditions, some people are finding out for themselves. But we are all becoming very aware of the mind and body connection that has been neglected for far too long. 

Here are some ideas I have come up with regarding this subject: 

Eat well, treat your body as your temple; your body functions are huge contributors to your mental well being. If you don’t believe me just go back and try to remember a time you were very ill maybe with the flu or a cold, or had a broken limb, you get the picture. 

Waste no time, ever: And this has nothing to do with procrastination or time management. When I look back on any emotional disturbances I have had that I now think could have been avoided, the first answer I have come up was “too much drama – for no reason”. I have been way over-involved in the silliest of arguments, the most trivial of pursuits of time just to prove I had a fact right and the other person was “wrong”, and also had my nose in everyone’s business but my own . . . mind your own affairs, you have enough to handle. 

Feel those feelings that are genuine: When something hurts, you know, you know when you are going to run to get a distraction or a numbing agent to run away from all of the pain. We all have to come up with our own little strategies to be able to come to grips with emotional pain and deal with it instead of running away, because as you and I know, it will always find you wherever you run to. 

Filter your people constantly: It is amazing to me how quickly I can be influenced some days just by being with another human being. It really is kind of like magic between all of us. Sometimes it is a good influence and sometimes not so much. So it is in your best interest to train yourself to know the difference and get out of range of anyone who is sucking the life out of you. 

There are many other things you can think of but the bottom line is to remember that just like eating, sleeping, working, and all of the other life activities we take care of; maintaining our mental health is not just an added option to think about, it’s mandatory.


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