Celebrating New Year’s Eve… unusual customs!!

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1. Some people get together and have a bon fire. While there are lots of goodies to be enjoyed (baked potatoes, hot chocolate, hot dogs etc) and while the food is good touch,  the whole idea of the bon fire is to toss into the flames all the problems of the last year in hopes that the flames will burn up the problems and they will not follow you into the new year.

2. Several cities host what is called “First Night” and it is a celebration that is alcohol free and very family oriented.

3. There is something called Good Riddance Night where people shred up bad memories and anything else that they want to leave behind in the previous year. Apparently it is a huge thing in New York City!

4. While a few years ago, people might have been splashing out for big dinners at fancy restaurants to usher in the new year, things might be a little quieter this year. Many families have decided to stay home, rent a movie, pop some popcorn and just kick back! My nephew’s girlfriend offered an interesting idea… they celebrate in a snow fort, complete with candles glowing and a bottle of wine. Trust my nephew to come up with something really unique!

5. New Year’s Eve for 2009 will be A Blue Moon… no it doesn’t mean that the moon will technically be blue… or does it?? 😉 It sure will be fun planning a party this year!

6. I love this one… it seems that in some Newfoundland communities, stockings are hung once more to be filled with small gifts to celebrate the New Year.  Now is that cool or what?? I don’t live in Newfoundland, but I just might grab that tradition and make it my own!

Hope you have a great night!!


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