How to Earn Money Online by Simply Sharing Deals, Freebies, Opinions and More!

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Savvy Spot is a website that allows users to post deals, freebies, reviews, questions as well as advice. When a registered user posts something, that post becomes elidgible for “shares” (see MyShare). Each time a post earns a share (determined by traffic), a share will show up in a user’s account. At the end of the month, it is announced just how much one share is worth (the value of a share is dependent on just how much money the website has made with its advertising partners). For example, in November, the website traded users $0.21 for every share. As shown in the aforementioned link, the exchange rate fluctuates. Nonetheless, it is in a person’s interest to research as many great deals out there and share what he or she knows with others, because not only does that person benefit from the information posted on the website by others, but there is also a monetary incentive. The more you share, the more you are likely to earn! The more everyone shares, the more everyone likely earns!

Once you have posted something (say a review or a deal), you can either just sit back and wait for other users to come across it, or you can promote it on other websites. The more promotion that you do, the more traffic you will drive to the website, and that will benefit both you and the website. This is why I consider this website to be more of a community than anything else. The more members contribute, the more money members can save and the more knowledge members can gain, and ultimately, this builds up to more money for everyone, especially when members promote their content and attract new people to the website.

I have had real positive experiences contributing to this website. It is easy to make attractive and informative posts and there are help tips on almost every page. Occasionally, while uploading material (such as links or pictures) the website will lock up, but that is not too common. A person can also customize how information is presented on a page by personalizing it using minimize buttons and the ability to drag boxes. I have been paid twice so far by this website, and while it is admittedly not a cash goldmine, it is a website that is run by honest and helpful people that are not going to cheat those that contribute material and content.

Here are just some examples of what kind of content that one can submit:

  • Know of a local, regional or national special being offered at a fast food or restaurant, like buy one sandwich, get one free? Or come in on a certain day wearing something sports related and get a free sandwich? Post it! Include as much information as you can. Upload links, pictures and more.
  • Have experience with a recent purchase from a retailer, like a video game, food product or clothing item? Post your review, providing as much information as you can. Upload links, pictures and more.
  • Got a question that you want to present to others? Post it! Got an answer to someone else’s question? Post it!

Basically, any and all participation can be rewarded, based on traffic. Traffic is more likely to return and pick up when the content is informative and displays quality. That means do not just quickly post piece of information after information. It is crucial to give as many details as you can as well as include helpful links or even pictures. If people associate your content with quality and they know that you are going to provide them with clear instructions and valuable information, they will keep an eye out for you! This means more and more traffic for your content as more and more people come to trust you. This means more and more money for you!

If you do not put much effort into contributing to the website, you likely will not get much out of it. That though is pretty much true about everything in life, but still, it is crucial to remember that participation and effort are essential if you want to succeed on this website!

Lastly, you can receive your money in one of three ways: PayPal, Amazon Payments or in the form of a check. With PayPal and Amazon, all you need to earn is $10.00 and you can request payment. If you ask for your payment in the form of a check, it is $50.00 that you must first earn. I recommend Amazon because Amazon is not only quicker than PayPal in money transfers, but also, they do not charge a fee like PayPal does.

Good luck! Remember, be a part of the community, and you will benefit in more ways than one!


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