Celebrity Psychics and How Much They Charge

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Psychic Bang for Your Buck

Welcome to the new breed of celebrity. No they are not actors or singers, although some do have their own television shows. They are celebrity psychics. Talking to the dead and predicting the future has become big business.

Shows like John Edward Cross Country, Psychic Detectives and Psychic Kids, featuring Chip Coffee, have hit the air waves. Let us not forget that even Montel Williams had Psychic Sylvia Browne Wednesdays! Psychics are becoming more mainstream in the media. No longer are the days of whispering ” I went to see a psychic” are needed. No longer do you need to fear a negative response. Now, more than likely the person you tell will want to know how it went, and who did you see!

Have you ever thought about seeing a psychic or a medium? Maybe you have already visited one. How much did they charge, and what did you get for your buck? Celebrity psychics offer a vast array of opportunities to connect with them. Many offer venues where tons of people attend, in hopes of getting a reading. While others also offer private one on one readings. If you aren’t able to see a celebrity psychic in person, have no fear. Many have authored books teaching you, how you can become psychic too, and tap into your own abilities. You can even find psychics on shopping networks, selling their goods!

With all these opportunities to have your future read or to get a message from your deceased loved one, no wonder people are interested. How great would it be to know what might happen in your future, or to get a message from dad who has passed away years ago. It would be an amazing experience. But, you might be asking yourself how much does it cost? Well we all know television stars, movie stars, and singers make a pretty good buck being a celebrity. Psychics and mediums are no different. They get paid pretty good for their talents too.

Now let us take a take a look at a few psychics and mediums, and see what they offer and what they charge. First off, let us start with the star of John Edward Cross Country. John not only has his own television show now, but also had another hit show. Crossing Over, which was titled after one of his best selling books. If your trying to get a one on one reading with him, good luck. According to John Edward’s website, he is not accepting any new private readings at this time. You might instead attend a seminar, or a group event for a chance to see him in action. www.telecharge.com list a ticket price at $175.00 a ticket, plus a $7.00 service charge and another $2.50 handling fee. Remember though, you are not guaranteed a reading. The usual attendance for a group event is 500 people and under.

Now if your more of a Chip Coffee fan, he does offer personal, one on one readings. He is the star of his own show called Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. You can also catch him on certain episodes of Paranormal State, lending his psychic expertise. According to Chip Coffee’s website, a general reading, lasting approximately 30 minutes with Chip, will run you $200. He also offers a “Spirit Contacts” reading, lasting approximately 30-40 minutes, for $500. For these readings, an additional person may attend for an additional cost of $250 per person. Now if your lucky, you might be able to catch chip at an event. For example he is appearing at The Mount Washington Hotel event April 23rd through the 26th, 2010. You can purchase a ticket to his gallery readings there for only $30. Just remember at gallery readings, you are not guaranteed a reading. Chip does attend different events through out the year, and we find his tickets charge for those who attend are very reasonable. So if you would just be happy seeing Chip in action, you can check out his web site for a list of those events. You might even get lucky there and receive a reading for yourself.

Okay, so you say you are more of a Sylvia Browne fan. You have read all her books and you have watched her countless of times on Montel Williams. Now your wondering what it would cost to receive a one on one reading with her. Have no fear, we have the information for that too. According to Sylvia Browne’s website, she charges $850 for a reading that last approximately 20-30 minutes. If you think that is a little too expensive, then you can always get a reading from her son, Chris Dufresne. He charges $500 for his readings that last approximately 20-30 minutes. We have found that Sylvia offers a variety of programs, where you can connect with her. If you would just like to spend the day with her, and approximately 35-45 other people, you can do so. Just attend a “Spiritual Salon”, that she offers. There Sylvia discusses a variety of topics with you and the group. The fee to attend a “Spiritual Salon” is $1000. Now Sylvia also holds seminar events too. She has different price levels according to seating arrangements. Generally her cheapest seats are around $50. Not a bad price if you would like to see Sylvia in action.

Welcome to the new breed of celebrities. Being a psychic celebrity can be a very profitable career. In comparison, if you think of the millions of dollars famous movie stars have received for appearing in a movie, it sounds reasonable that a reading from a celebrity psychic, might not come cheap. Now you know how much some of your favorite psychics charge for their services. It is up to you to decide it the price tag is worth it.


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