SotNW Scout Trapper Stance A Guide to Using Traps in Sword of the New World

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The trap stance is unique to scouts in Sword of the New World. The trap stances further enhances the utility capabilities of the scout by providing basic crowd control abilities in the game. The player of a scout character has to plan ahead before using the abilities in the scout stance.

The abilities in the scout’s trapper stance in Sword of the New World weaken opponents before they reach the player’s family or party. All but the first ability in the trapper stance required items that need to be purchased before a player can take his scout character adventuring with the members of his family.

The Scout Trapper Stance Abilities

Like all other stances in Sword of the New World, the Scout Trapper Stance can progress to the 25th level. The abilities in the trapper stance are:

Detection – This ability allows the scout to detect hidden objects within 15 meters. No items are required for this to occur and any hidden objects within 15 meters of the scouts position become visible. It is useful for detecting other traps or hidden monsters.

Plague Cloud – enemies that run over this trap after it has been placed in the ground are exposed to clouds of noxious fumes and the trap causes damage over time to the enemy. The scout must have at least one integrated toolbox in his family’s inventory before the plague cloud ability can be used again.

Razor Web – Similar in some ways to Plague cloud, the scout places this trap in the ground and it causes damage to enemies that pass through it, including airborne enemies. The razor web trap has a six second cool down time and a character must have a trapper stance level of 12 before he can learn it. Razor web consumes one integrated toolbox.

Explosives — As the name implies, this trap explodes when enemies pass over it. Placing this trap requires two integrated toolboxes which are removed from the scout’s inventory. Once the trap is set off, it harms all enemies in the immediate area and explosives may not be used again for another eight seconds. Before a character can use explosives he must have a trapper stance level of 12 and a hunting blaster level of 16.

Using the Scout Trapper Stance

The traps must be places before combat with monsters begins. The rapid pace of combat in Sword of the New World combined with the rapid spawn rate of the monsters makes this a difficult proposition. If a player can find a clear place to fight with his family, the monsters can in Sword of the New World can be fought strategically, with the enemies being weakened before they get to the defenders. Just remember to use the scout healing stances effectively.


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