Birthday party themes based on winter

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These days it’s just plain boring having just another summer pool side party for a birthday. Or dressing up! Or just having a plain birthday party with a simple cake. Why not challenge nature and have winter parties in summer? There is little work in this theme; it is more about your enthusiasm and your sense of fun.

Winter itself is a big birthday theme but if you want to narrow it down to a particular bit I think this essay might help you. For example, A Snow Man theme would make a good birthday party. The children can dress up as snow men and a frozen award can be given to the best snow man

Another idea might be to have a Christmas theme, where you can put up snow flakes here and there. There can be a Santa Claus and his sleigh and even a fake tree. You can bake Christmas cookies and the birthday cake can be a Christmas cake. Put fake mistletoes and even a wreath on the outside door so that parents dropping off their children can identify the house perfectly.

Or you can have a winter snow flake theme. This theme goes a lot on affordability because you will have to rent out a snow machine or two, according to the number of your guests. Kids can dress up warm to give in the proper snow effect or do just the opposite and have summer fun in snow. Serve food according to the dress up. For example, if children are coming in summer apparel serve them with orange juices and fizzy drinks. For winter dress up, serve eggnog or hot chocolate. And decorate the place with fake cotton snowflakes and even snowmen.

For winter, a ski theme might not be a bad idea either. Then again you can rent out a snow machine and the guests can dress up as skiers complete with the poles. Serve warm food, such as soup and hot coffee. The place can have a winter dcor again with snowflakes and cotton snow mans. Snow spray, across the place occasionally.

Winter itself is a vast theme. Cotton snow flakes, snow sprays and snow fights are the actual basic theme for this party. This idea would be a hit in summer time. Just make sure you switch on your air conditioner or your guests will melt with the summer heat especially if you live in a warm place.


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