WoW Artisan Cooking Guide How World of Warcraft Characters Get Past 225 Skill

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Cooking , like the other gathering trade skills in World of Warcraft, requires a character with a skill of 225 or more to complete a quest to raise it. The quest is the same for both Horde and Alliance Characters and starts in the neutral goblin city of Gadgetzan in Tanaris.

Characters stuck at the expert cooking skill level should purchase the book needed to raise their skill past 150 from the location appropriate to their faction. For Horde characters, this is located at the troll town in Desolace, for Alliance characters this is located in Ashenvale. After they purchase the required book and raise the trade skill to a 225 skill level, the character can get the artisan cooking quest.

Artisan Cooking Quest Prerequisites

The only requirement to do the quest is that the character’s cooking skill must be 225. The quest requires items that are found in a level 40-50 zone, so if a character wishes to collect the items himself, it is advisable to be at least that level. Because the items can be purchased from easily from an auction house, players who plan ahead do not have to kill monsters to gather the required items.

The Items Required

The goblin butcher at the inn in Gadgetzan, Dirge Quikcleave, is the quest giver. A character who meets the prerequisites to learn the artisan cooking skill level will be given the quest and asked to collect the following items:

  • 20 Alterac Swiss (May be purchased in Desolace, Thousand Needles, of Thunderbluff)
  • 10 Zesty Clam Meats
  • 12 Giant Eggs

The zesty clam meat and giant eggs may be collected by killing rocs and turtles and Tanaris. Once the player gathers the necessary items, he just needs to hand the items into Dirge. Characters who have the fishing skill can get the clam meat from higher level zones in the game or they can hunt turtles in Tanaris or Nagas in Stranglethorn Vale. The eggs can be obtained from rocks in Tanaris or moonkin in the Hinterlands.

Artisan Cooking Quest Reward

All quests in World of Warcraft that are not completed at maximum level yield experience. The artisan cooking quest, most importantly, allows a World of Warcraft character to raise his skill level to 300. When the character reaches a skill level of 300 in cooking, he must head to the Outlands to learn the master cooking. The character who completes the quest will also receive the recipe for clamlette surprise, which he may either sell or add to his learned recipes.


Thottbot World of Warcraft Quest: Clamlette Surprise.


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