The Police Detective’s Wedding

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Brad, 33, talked about an attempted theft he committed with friends when he was in his late teens.

One of the guys and I tried to steal a tire one time in the church parking lot, and we got caught. There were five of us. This one guy was part of the original group. He’d just come back on leave. He was in special forces in the army, just got through boot camp. We wanted to go to a different town and party that night.

I had an old Chevy Tahoe. It had a flat tire on the front. So we pulled up into this Catholic church parking lot. There was a van sitting there. We’d already been hitting the sauce. We didn’t even stop to think the van rim wouldn’t fit on my car anyway.

We had it jacked up. All of a sudden, I hear, “Hey, what are you doing over there?” I look up. Here’s all these people. The back of the parking lot was fairly empty. There were just a couple of cars there. I thought, “Whoa, oh, my God.” We jumped in my car. Another friend drove. I lived about three blocks away at my parents’ house. I could hear guys from the church beating on the side of the SUV as we’re driving off. They’re hollering, “Brad, you come back here.”

I knew I was caught. We drove off. We’re limping on the flat tire on the front. We drove to my folks’ house, pulled up into the garage. In pull like five cop cars. This is back in Wisconsin. They got out. The guy that was driving my SUV hid in front of my car. He never did get caught.

I came back home the next day. The guy who hid stayed with my parents. I found him sleeping in my bed after I spent the night in jail. It turned out they hauled us all in. We got a hundred and fifty dollar fine for tampering with a motor vehicle.


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