How to Succeed at Textbroker

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The key to succeeding at freelance writing for is to produce quality work. While the temptation to write quickly to maximize the amount you are getting paid is strong, choosing quantity over quality will cost you in the long run.

How Textbroker Works

When you first apply to Textbroker, they request an original writing sample from you as part of the application process. Once you submit it, an editor will review it and assign your initial author classification, from two to four stars. There is also a five-star rating, but this is restricted to professional writers, and is never assigned to new applicants. This initial rating is important, because clients have the option of restricting articles to authors at or above a certain rating. A higher author rating opens up more opportunities to you, as you can only write articles at your current rating or below. Higher rated orders also cost the client more and pay the author a higher price per word.

For example, a two-star article currently pays 0.7 cents per word, a three-star article 1.0 cent and a four-star article pays 1.4 cents per word. A four star author will have a choice of articles in all three categories, although they only get paid for what the article is rated. So, a four-star author gets paid the same as a two-star author for writing a two-star article. However, a two-star author won’t have access to any articles restricted to three- or four-star writers. While having the higher rating won’t change what the client will pay for an article, it does help to increase the pool of possible articles to choose from.

As each article is submitted, it is accepted, rejected or returned for revision by the client. If the client isn’t happy, you will be given the opportunity to revise your submission until they are. Once it has been accepted by the client, you are paid the agreed upon rate. After this, it is also rated by Textbroker editors, again being given from two to four stars, based on their opinion of the quality of your writing.

Start Strong, Stay Strong

It is important to submit a quality sample so as to get the best initial rating possible. Earning an initial four-star rating not only opens the way to higher earnings per word, it also opens up a lot more articles to choose from. Since your author rating is based on an average of the last five Textbroker editor ratings, it is possible for your author rating to rise and fall. This makes each article important, as it can either help to expand or restrict your access to different classifications of articles.

This is why quality is all-important. If a four-star writer accepts a two-star article and produces two-star work, their author rating will suffer. Even if you choose to submit one of the lower paying articles, always give it your best. This is the only way to keep your author rating high.

The Elusive Five-Star Rating at Textbroker

Another reason to produce quality work, regardless of the pay scale, is that consistent four-star work opens the door to the five-star rating reserved for professional writers. After you have produced from five to ten consistently rated four-star articles, you may ask for an upgrade to five-star status. Your work will then be reviewed and monitored by several editors to see if you qualify. Since five-star articles currently pay 5 cents per word, this is a big jump in pay for the author. The only way to receive and maintain that rating is to produce quality work.

The Key to Success at Textbroker is Quality, Not Quantity

There are two paths to making money with One is to write as much and as quickly as possible. You might be able to make some money this way, but it requires a lot of words and a lot of articles. It’s also a sure-fire way to a lower rating and less access to the article pool available at higher levels. This path really ends up to be self-defeating.

The other is to always produce quality work and to achieve a rating that allows higher pay for the words produced. It will also sharpen your skills and possibly provide other avenues to further your freelance writing career. This may also get your work noticed by clients who can then ask directly for a specific author.

It is possible to succeed and profit at The key is to pick and choose your assignments and to produce quality content every time. Work smarter, not harder and you can succeed at Textbroker.


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