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Let me start by saying results will vary on the number of actually visitors you will receive based on certain criteria.  What is that criteria?  Well it could be the content of your website and how hard you work at what I am going to tell you.  I will say this though; if you implement this strategy you will increase your website visitors.  I took one website from brand spanking new (meaning no hits) up to 2000 hits per day in its first month.  Here is how I did it.

The first thing you have to remember is that your website is about something.  Let’s say you sell woodworking tools.  It’s not enough to think that woodworkers will find your website on their own and all of a sudden start buying.  Besides what you sell you have to give them a reason to go to your website.  You are in luck though, because you sell wood working tools, that makes you an expert in this field, and because of this reason you are going to give them every reason to see what you have to offer.

From this point forward your are going to be a writer.  Yes I said a writer.  You are going to write articles from 450 to 750 words in length on the subject of woodworking.  Most notably the best articles you are going to write are ones that will actually help your readers, such as how to use a router, or maybe what are the best saw blades to use, in other words, informational and educational articles.

Now that you have your article written you need to add a resource box to the bottom of the article.  A resource box is a portion of text that lets the reader know who wrote the article and how the reader can get in touch with the writer.  A typical resource box would say, “The author, John Jones, is the CEO of XYZ Woodworking tools, {insert your website address here}, a website dedicated to supplying woodworkers everywhere with top of the line tools.”  As you can see the resource box mentions your name, your company name, your company’s web address and what it is your company does.

You are probably wondering what to do with the article now that you have it completed.  Well here is the best part, and really one of the most important parts.  You are going to submit this article to various article directories such as Bukisa (my favorite), Article Dashboard, and Ezine.  These article directories publish your articles.  They get thousands if not tens of thousands of visitors on a daily basis.  Remember than resource box you put in there?  Now imagine tens of thousands of people potentially reading it with a link toe your website in there so they can find you.  Along with their visitors reading your article, they get many visitors that are looking for content on their own websites and blogs.  They will take your article with your resource box and post it on their own websites syndicating your article and making your website address available to even more people.  Your website has just gone “viral” and you didn’t spend a dime.

Now all you have to do is repeat this on a daily basis and in a month’s time your website should be receiving hundreds if not thousands of unique visitors.  The better your website and the more it has to offer the more staying power you will receive with those unique visitors.  In other words the same visitors will keep returning and will also tell their friends about your website.

As you can see this process is not rocket science.  It takes up about an hour or so of your time everyday and costs you absolutely nothing.  No advertising fees, no marketing, no direct mailings and so on.  So get writing today and start making your website more popular.

About the Author:
Mr. Tucker is a regular contributor on Bukisa, an online community for writers that pays them for their articles.  You can also follow Bruce on Twitter.

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