Milk soup

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This recipe is very easy for preparation and at the same time the soup is very light and delicious.The soup is cheap because you do not need many ingredients and these that you need are not expensive. The recipe serves 6 people;the time  for preparation is very short about 40 minutes.


350 gr yogurt

200 ml milk

4 tablespoons flour

salt to taste

500 gr water

parsley (it is better to be fresh)

black pepper powder

50 gr butter

2 or 3 eggs

caraway powder

Method of preparation:

The yogurt has to be stirred very well. Then add the water and continue stirring. Put the mixture into a sauce pan and start boiling. In a small bowl put the flour and mix it with the milk. When this mixture is ready pour it into the sauce pan and continue stirring. After boiling the soup, salt to taste,add the caraway powder and sprinkle some black pepper powder. Add the butter and stir until it is melting.In the same bowl where the milk and flour were, put the eggs and stir them well. Then add them to the soup and cook for 2-3 minutes by constant stirring. At last sprinkle the chopped parsley. So,your soup is ready.

By serving you can add some lemon juice or if you prefer you can grate some white cheese. It tastes better with white cheese. You can also serve your soup with fried cubes of brown bread which preparation is very simple.In a frying pan put the cubes of bread. They have to be prepared with some egg and yogurt mixture which is on all  sides of the cubes. Try this recipe and enjoy it!


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