Learn the Secret to Boost your Earning in Mylot

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Many claim that Mylot is a slow earning program. In some way it is if you don’t know the tricks but in some way it isn’t if you do your math and make an observation. Depends on how you want to work with the website. Aside from posting which is the main earning activity for many members there are tasks as well you can do and if you are patient enough to make some research and can put four or six paragraphs nicely you can reach the minimum pay out in no time. Sharon Bucks give new task everyday that pay $4 to $6 for task completed and approve. However this job is suitable only to thus who are blessed with creative mind and good writing skill.

For thus who rely on posting to earn income there is one way you can boost your earning daily. With my observation in Mylot since I become member, admin doesn’t allow you to talk of how much they pay you for your work (for what reason I don’t know). But if you start new discussion you actually get paid $0.06 to $0.07 not like responding to existing discussion you only get paid $0.01 to $0.02. In this case if you start more new discussion means that a dollar in just few minutes is achievable. Many members claim that they post more than 30 discussions in a day. Even on this number if you post at least 20 new discussions in a day means your earning $1.20. With previous experiment posting 20 new discussions only take an hour or less.


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