Please challenge and critic my proposals for all businesses including mine on this planet.

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A good business will put its customers first. No customer means no revenue. Here are some ways to show that you care for your customers so that they will continue to have faith in you and even invite their friends to your business:

1. Upgrade your system so that you will not wrongly send payment overdue statements to customers who have already paid. Your system should automatically update the payment status of your customers when they paid via the Internet, at the post office or with credit cards. Some customers especially those who know they have paid on time do get offended by reminder notices.

2. You can say that you do not see a payment being made on your computer screen while speaking with a customer on the telephone but not every customer especially those who know they have make the payment will believe you. To show the problem, allow customers to view what you can see in regards to thier accounts instead on the Internet with a username and password as seeing is believing. You may charge a customer a reasonable fee to have the special access or offer the service free to him or her.

3. Never call a customer to remind him or her of a specific matter after he or she has spolen to you earlier regarding that matter. I got feddup when someone from the same company called me to remind me of a specific matter when I have already called them earlier about it. This shows there is something wrong with communication system of that company.

4. Allow your customers to use BPAY to pay you so that there is a proper record of the payment being made and the record, if I am not wrong, is upgraded automatically. With BPAY, both you and your customer who use BPAY will have the record of the payment being made. Perhaps, if are you authorised to do so, make BPAY or whatever method that automatically get the payment from your cusotmer, upgrade the record of a payment made and let both parties to check the record as the only way for your customers to pay.

5. Besides BPAY, you may also direct debit your customers accounts if they and the relevant authority allows you to do so. Have a policy statement to explain the direct payment process so that your customers will be confident in using it. Also include in the statement, evidence you are allowed to use such method to collect payments by the relevant authority.

7. If you have not accept any payment from your customer by the day he or she should have paid, gently ask the customer the reasons for the non-payment. He or she may have financial problems causing him or her not to pay and may be too embarass to tell you about it. If not, she may have ask someone else to make the payment for him or her but the person did not do so. Worse, your system did not record the payment that was already made.

8. If you are a magazine or newspaper businesss, make sure that your dispatching department will immediately know about a subscription cancellation so that you won’t waste money sending a magazine to the customer who have already cancelled his or her subscription.

9. Who does not want to accept any offer that can him or her to save some money? Make sure that your door to to door salesperson has a record of when the potential customer’s current contract with a rival company will expire if possible so that he or she could easily changed to your offer without much hassle. Have a system that requires you salesperson to enter or the customer to tell the date the current contract will expire to have your system accept or reject the application for your better offer immediately.

10. If you impose extra charges, explain carefully the reasons for the charges so that your customers will not have the wrong impression that you are only thinking of getting their money.

Every business owner is also a customer. As a  customer:

1. Use the best method that have the best record keeping and updating system to make your payments. BPAY keeps a record of payments for both the customer and the business.

2. Do not accept any offers from friends or family to pay for you unless you really have no choice. They may accidentally or deliberately forget to do so causing you a lot of problem and embarassment.

I hope my proposals will help businesses to earn more and customers to smile more.


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