How to find after Christmas deals

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How to find the best after Christmas deals without having to fight major crowds. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions Things You’ll Need: * A list of stores that are known for quality clearance items. * nerve!

Step 1 Finding deals after Christmas can be somewhat frustrating with all the crowds and misleading sales. Doing your research may pay off in the end. You can start your research before the holidays, start by visiting a few stores that you enjoy and check out some of their clearance or marked down items. Some stores only mark down items that are damaged or hideous! while others mark down overstock and things they need to move before getting next seasons shipments.

Step 2 Get familiar with the stores that mark down quality items for a fair price, these are the stores that are likely to have killer sales after Christmas. Remember, sometimes stores will have a 14 day price adjustment policy as well. So, if you see something that you just can not live without and it may not be there after Christmas, ask if you can get a price adjustment when it goes on sale.

Step 3 The day after Christmas is always chaotic, because everyone is doing exchanges and returns. Wait a day or two to brave the big stores, you may miss a few good deals but the further from Christmas you get the cheaper the sales get. Trust me there is usually plenty left a week after Christmas.

Step 4 Shop smart and not compulsive, just because something is a killer deal does not mean you have to buy it. Pick up a few nice things for next Christmas (after all they will probably 50-75% off). Gift wrapping, bows and gift bags never go out of style so stock up on these. Do not buy candy and food items for next year, it just is not right! Happy shopping!

Tips & Warnings

* Get plenty of sleep the night before

* It is best to not bring small children along as they can get bored easily and make shopping difficult.

* Be prepared to find false advertising, many stores will get you to purchase extra items when you don’t want to. *


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