Should a woman have the right to choose?

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I can see both sides of the issue. Sorry, but adoption is the right thing to do. An abortion can only be justified if either the mother’s life is in danger, or an abnormal child with physical or mental problems. Just because a girl gets knocked up by her boyfriend is no reason to take the selfish way out and abort. Sure, nobody will know, nobody except these two. It’s easy to think that those unpleasant memories will just disappear and will never bother you. That’s not the case for most of us. We may justify it all we want, but it will bother us as long as we live. Why? Because deep down we know we’ve done wrong. If we look at it in a different perspective, what seems like a bad thing may actually be a good thing. It will test the durability of this relationship. If the boyfriend disappears as soon as he knows, he was not worth having anyway. He would not have lasted even in a planned pregnancy. He is either not ready and/or not interested in being a father.. So even after the abortion, he’s going to leave anyway. If instead he does stay, and takes an interest in the girl’s welfare, then we know it was a good thing. We all make mistakes in life, we have to live with our decisions.  Many teenagers are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, and decide to stay together and get married. They both realize they made a big mistake by becoming sexually involved too soon. They raise the child with love and live happily ever after.


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