How To Save Money On Toothpaste

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Consumers are looking for ways to save money.  Most people are not aware that they may be wasting a great deal of money each month by wasting toothpaste.  Even when you think you are at the end of your toothpaste, there is a way to stretch your dollar and save some money.  It is important to watch your money in an uncertain economy.

 First, even when you think you are nearing the end of your toothpaste, there is a way to get some extra toothpaste.  Make sure you squeeze the tube as hard as you can and squeeze all contents from the bottom of the tube.  Many consumers squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, thus pushing toothpaste toward the bottom and ultimately wasting it.

 Finally, even after you squeeze the toothpaste tube to its end, you can take a pair of safety scissors and cut the end off of the tube.  You will find some additional accumulation of toothpaste at the very end of the tube, probably good for 2 or 3 more brushings. 

 You may not think that following my method you will save a significant amount of money.  However, over a one year period you could easily save $75-$100.  It may not seem like a lot however, for those struggling to keep a job and feed a family it can make a big difference in the long run.  There are so many other ways that you can save some money by making a few simple changes to your daily routine. 


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