Sneak Book Time into Your Daily Life

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Time to Read: At Work

Do your 15 minute work breaks turn into 30 minute gossip sessions with your co-workers? Try taking a few breaks to actually relax, and change your line of thinking. Keep a magazine, novel or even a cookbook in your desk, locker or personal space at work. Take a few minutes to learn something new, browse for a new dinner recipe or get caught up on the latest trends or news. The time spent thinking about something other than work will leave your refreshed, and ready to tackle your next task -since you actually had a break from your work!

Time to Read: Forever Commuting

If your commute to and from work involves waiting for trains, riding on trains or being a mass transit passenger, think about putting a book in your purse, briefcase or day bag. Those lost moments staring out the window or wondering how long it will take for the train to pass could be well spent on that book you have been wanting to read.

Time to Read: Waiting Rooms

Whether it’s an oil change or a check up at the doctor, we spend lots of time sitting in waiting rooms thumbing through magazines that usually aren’t our taste. Use the 20 minute wait to sneak in a quick chapter or two. If a daily newspaper is floating around, learn something about your community rather than thumbing through an old copy of an industry trade magazine.

Time to Read: Tub Time

Soaking in a hot bath after work feels great. Now let your mind sink into a great work of fiction, poetry or warm and cozy story that you’ve put off. If your mind is racing with thoughts of your perpetual to do list, getting lost in a good read while you soak will help relieve stress, and refocus your thoughts.


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