Top 10 Sites to Have FUN with Your Photos!

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Top 10 Sites to Have Fun with Your Photos

After you take pictures with your digital camera, you can do so much fun stuff with them.  When you visit these websites, you will have hours and hours of fun with your digital photos. I have listed below the top sites where you can get great digital effects.  Many of these are photo editing online services where you can embed your photo into different templates. The templates will put different amazing effects on your photos.  There are so many amusing and fascinating things you can do with your digital pictures! And best of all, most of these are free for you to enjoy!


You will have so much fun with funphotobox! There are so many cool and stunning effects to choose from.  You just need to upload your photo and you will see the results.  Funphotobox is an awesome website to make fun digital pictures!  They also have fun card templates that can turn your photo into a beautiful ecard instantly.


Photofunia is a wonderful online editing service to get instant effects for your photos.  It can transform your normal everyday picture into something fantastic.  Play with the different graphic effects on photofunia and you will spend hours of fun with your photos!! It is one of the most awesome sites.  You can also turn your digital pictures into animated graphics using their templates.  Some of their effects use face technology.  After you upload your picture it will detect the face portion of it.  If you choose the dancing lady effect for example, your picture will appear as if you’re the one dancing.  It is so hilarious.


Photo505 is another very popular photo editing site to get fantastic effects for your digital photos.  You upload your photo and will instantly appear on billboard, newspaper, magazine, cards, paintings, etc.  Even the color schemes of the photos are adjusted to suit the effects.  Visit photo505 and you will enjoy it!


If you want to make your digital photo look funny and unique, visit loonapix and you’ll have lots of fun.  It is also a free and photo editing online service.  To get a funny picture, you select a service, upload your picture, select the effect and click “save”.  You can send this photo to your friends, add it to the gallery, or download it to your computer.  Loonapix also provides an HTML code that you can paste on your blog or profile on MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, etc.


This awesome website turns your digital photo into an incredible piece of art!  It is free, and no registration is required.  You can select from the different applications: cartoonizer, warholizer, charcola, patriotic, inkify, line artopia, stenciler, sunburst, and scribbler.  Before editing your image it lets you rotate or crop it first.  When you are happy with the results you can upload it, share it, or save it in your computer.


You can do many cool stuff with your digital photos on  This is one of my favorites.  There’s the motivator where you can create your own customized motivational posters.  There’s the magazine cover where you can be an instant superstar.  There’s the warholizer where you can become a pop icon.  There’s the mosaic maker. You can even convert your photo into a realistic looking jigsaw puzzle.  There’s also a funny captioner where you can add comic book style captions to your photos.  You’ll have so much fun with this site!


With Dumpr you can create fun and wonderful photos!  You select an effect, upload your digital photo from your computer, and when it’s done you can save, email or upload it. Here are some of the wonderful photo effects you can make with Dumpr:  Virtual Rubik’s Cube, Christmas ornament, pencil sketch, reflections, celebrity paparazzi, etc.

Picnik is one of the most popular free editing sites.  You can get really creative using their easy to use tools.  Picnik is very easy to use.  You can get started right away. Even if you do not own a graphics software or program, you can do many things just by using Picnik.  They have many fun special effects and cool fonts.  You can frame your digital picture in an instant.  Most of them are free to use, but if you want to upgrade to Picnik Premium, there’s a fee of $24.95.  I use only the free version and with it there’s already tons of cool stuff you can do.


With Picartia you can create photo mosaics online for free!


You can put your digital photos “into the holes” on their templates.  After you upload your photo or take a snapshot with your webcam, you can move the image by dragging it with your mouse.  You can resize or rotate the photo, and you can also adjust the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation to make it more perfect.  They have faceinhole templates for art, books, magazines, costumes, celebrities, sports, music, kids, etc.  It’s a lot of fun playing around with faceinhole!

There you go, 10 photo editing websites where you can create lots of fun, amazing, crazy, wonderful, hilarious effects on your photos!  I hope you enjoy it!

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