Birthday party decoration ideas for difficult teens

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Teens are quite difficult to please! Some of them actually leave you wondering why you became a parent in the first place, while some drive you to either want to commit suicide or kill them.

Therefore, when planning your difficult teen’s birthday party you should keep in mind the psychology of the teen’s behavior and his/her reaction to certain things.

When decorating the house, make sure you do your homework properly. Go through what the teen likes or not and remember it when you are visiting stores. If you’re teen is a young boy it will be safe to tell you, not to buy anything in pink, or any thing that reminds him of his child hood. Why don’t you find out his favorite football team and go along with the whole theme. Deck the house in the team’s colors. Put up foot balls, base balls etc as paper cut outs on the walls. The paper plates and napkins, if not accessible in the team’s monogram, plain plates with the team’s colors are a good idea too. If your teen is in a frat or a club, chances are the frat or the clubs colors are a good idea to decorate the house in. You can have someone dress up as the team or club’s mascot, but do this only if you’re feeling very brave.

The same idea goes with girls…You could decorate the house in her sorority or the club she is in, colors. If your girl is a cheerleader, some good ideas would be to put up pom poms around the house and hang them from the ceilings or fans. Or you could make banners out of ironed letters with her sorority’s alphabet.

But I would suggest that you go the safest way and decorate the house in simple birthday fashion. Put up bunch of balloons and streamers around the house. Hang paper chains and crepe paper twisted into streamers from the ceilings and the fans. Put up simple birthday banners, and mention the age if it’s a special milestone. Remember though, it might not be a good idea for the girl. Find out first if she’s age conscious. Also, simple paper plates and cutlery would keep you safe around with your teens. Just try and keep everything in their favorite colors.

Rest assured, you managed to bring them up to this age. I am sure you’ll manage to throw a decent birthday party for them. Even though things go wrong, you will eventually be paid for all the hard work that you have done and the preparations that you’ve made to make their birthday a special one!


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