How To Prepare Tasty Low Sodium Meals

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For people with heart disease or high blood pressure, it is especially important to watch your sodium intake.  Cooking “low sodium” is actually quite easy and much tastier than most people think.

 First, you need to be cautious when grocery shopping.  It is important to read all labels to see how much sodium is present in certain foods.  Most canned or instant type foods like macaroni & cheese contain a high amount of sodium and should be avoided at all costs.

 You need to buy fresh and frozen vegetables as well as fresh fish, chicken and poultry.  It is best to cook with very little oils or butter.  Olive oil is great for sauté or baking.  Make sure you don’t salt any meat or vegetables, allow the person to salt or season their own food to taste.

 You should be able to find a number of seasoning mixtures at your grocery store that add a great deal of taste to food and may eliminate the need for salt altogether.  However, you still need to check the sodium content.  Non-salt seasonings may still contain a small amount of sodium as a preservative.  Read all labels carefully before purchasing seasoning preparations.

 Finally, try using seasonings that contain little or no sodium.  You would be surprised how good food can taste just by using pepper and garlic seasoning preparations.  Fish, chicken, and meat don’t have to be salted to be tasty.  However, some type of non-salted seasoning may enhance the flavor to a significant degree.


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