The difference between baits and lures

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Not many people know the obvious difference between bait and lure fishing. But there are differences for sure and it is very important to really understand the difference between baits and lures.

When we are discussing this all important topic, one thing is for sure, there is some confusion. Now usually many fishermen have this habit of calling their lures, jigs etc, “baits”. Not all lure is bait; bait is only the actual food that the fishermen throw in to get their fish. So when you put in a worm for example, it will be eaten up by the fish in no time at all whereas a jig is not going to be eaten, instead, it can actually kill the fish.

It has been seen many times in bait fishing that the fishermen toss out the baited hook and then wait for some random fish to find it. This particular method is the one that is tried the most all over, as there are many desirable fish that relies heavily on their sense of smell rather than eyesight for example catfish, which is a good example. Stinky bait is usually the best for these sorts of fish. It is not limited to that only; you can also catch trout and bass by throwing bait.

So what is lure? It is something that is usually designed to resemble living bait. But you cannot just put in the lure and wait for the fish to find it itself. Lures or jigs have to be attractive to fish in such a way that they come towards it. A fisherman can toss in the lure, reeling in a bit of line, and then it might work to pause a little before reeling in some more.

What will happen is that this behavior of the lure is going to hugely simulate the little erratic movement of the aquatic creatures that the fish would normally be feeding on. Fish like bass have the habit of striking strike hard and ferociously after a lure, whereas if you offer bait to them they will be a bit more passive. But we have to respect the fact that there are always exceptions in these cases.

The species of fish, the body of water, the water and air conditions are the things that should be taken into consideration while deciding upon which of these is a better way to fish.


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