Seven Ways to Enjoy Single Womanhood

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As a single woman, you have the power and the time to be where you should be and to serve as role model for others. Here’s how you can learn to love and appreciate the benefits of being single:

1. Get an upgrade

Develop your talents, hobbies and interests by enrolling in workshops or short courses. Enroll in college or in graduate school. Read a lot of useful information and be willing to learn new things.

2. Be in the pink of health

Create a healthy eating plan and cook nutritious meals.  Eat as much organic food as you possibly can.  Practice aromatherapy at home.  Do aerobics and stretching exercises at least three times a week. When on vacation, spend a day at the spa.

3. Discover your Inner Woman

Learn how to meditate and practice yoga or tai chi.  Use colors to heal your woes and enhance your well-being.  Connect with others by sharing inspiration and simple lessons in life.

4. Stay connected with friends

Spend vacations with your friends to strengthen the bond or renew ties. Creating a strong support system of friends can help you appreciate the presence of other people in your life.

5. Share your knowledge and expertise

Sign up and volunteer for projects that reflect your convictions and values.  Doing so will give you the opportunity to meet people who share your philosophy and advocacies in life.

6. Become a symbol of love and light

Stay positive and cheerful.  Always make time for family and friends who are dealing with problems. Lend an ear and offer a hand. Wherever you go, wear a smile on your face and instill an atmosphere that is nurturing and happy.

7. Value what you have

Be grateful for all the things that you have – your family, your friends, your neighbors, your job, your pet.  Having a deeper sense of appreciation for everything will remind you of what a gift you are for others.

If you can be happy and confident on your own, you can make more people like you.  Making the most out of single womanhood works both ways: it can lead you to age beautifully and gracefully, and it can lead you to your future life partner.  Whatever the consequences, it’s got to be good and rewarding.


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