Advertise a business on a budget

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Creating a marketing plan should be your first step. This is because having a plan in place will make the process a lot simpler and give you an idea of what to do before you start. I suggest doing some research to discover simple and cheap advertising avenues that fit your particular business needs.

A good way to begin advertising your business without spending a dime is through word of mouth. Telling your friends and family about your business and then having them tell everyone that they know can be very profitable and draw in a lot of customers.

Another inexpensive way to advertise is with business cards and flyers, but this method only works if you hand them out. You could place flyers on parked cars, hang them up at grocery stores, and hand them out at community events. Business cards can be given to potential customers, current customers, and/or family and friends.

Creating a website can also be a cost effective marketing strategy. With this option you will have to pay a small hosting fee and obtain a domain name but other than that the only real investment is TIME. Creating a quality site, getting ranked well with search engines like Google, and reaching customers is a time consuming process, but one that will certainly pay off in the long run.

You may also wish to consider running an ad in your local newspaper, placing signs on heavily trafficked corners, and or advertising specials to previous customers. Giving discounts to previous customers can build up a good relationship with them and keep them coming back again and again.

 In the end the best marketing plans will only be effective if you do a good job and strive to please your customers. As corny as it sound the customers really should come first.


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