Common Causes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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My experience has been that OCD can usually be traced back to an event or stressor, or more than one situation where a person literally became unable to psychologically cope. I believe some people can be born with this disorder or maybe a predetermined genetic set of codes that can help it along. I think that no matter where it originated; it most definitely always boils down to the person receiving brain signals that should not be there and the person’s response is to just try to answer those incorrect messages with their own behaviors; hand washing, closing the door 322 times, etc. That’s how it seems to get its start. Some believe that medication can work to correct this, others are for bio feedback or maybe holistic treatments, but whatever you use to combat this; the main problem is that there is a signal in the brain filling the person with either one false message or an overwhelming load of false messages. 

It seems the cause usually stems from an event or incident, high stress, high emotions, could be good or it could have been bad. If you really can try to track the absolute very 1st inkling of any symptoms; people can usually point to an action, a feeling, a piece of time, a time in their life where they remember something shifted, something major shifted, but they did not know it at that particular time that it was happening. It can take years of therapy and sometimes people just don’t even remember when it was that it really started showing up.  

OCD may have been caused by many different circumstances when it finally rears its ugly head in a person’s life. It is the type of disorder that feeds upon itself like a cancer. As long as the patient feels like they have done something to combat the message they will feel good. There in lies the horror that this disorder is to live with; if you wash your hands that only makes you feel good or clean for a minute or so; and then the minute the patient receives another message from their brain, the cycle begins again and again and is repeated 24/7.  You don’t get time off for good behavior and holidays and special occasions even make it all worse. More people, more questions, more circumstances to obsess about.  

There have been some major strides in addressing this disorder mainly because we are living in a time that has lifted the veil off of these types of disorders and that is a good thing. I am all for the celebrities who have come out and confessed that they too have had there lives changed forever by this disorder and others like it. In order to bring the healing we have to bring it out into the light and see what we can find out about it, how many people are affected by it and by doing that hopefully we will be able to find a permanent cure!


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