Post-Christmas January Shopping – a perfect time to travel!

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Traveling in January has the added advantage of discount post-Christmas sale shopping. If shopping is one of your main indulgences when traveling then definitely wait for after Christmas before visiting larger cities like New York and London.

In January you will find the post-Christmas sales in all of the main department stores and some of the smaller stores. You need to take your time shopping and rummage through the sales racks and bargain baskets to find the good stuff! At other times of the year you can also pick up bargains on your travels but they will be harder to find, where as after Christmas the sales signs will be all over the place where ever you go.


When traveling you can always find shopping bargains in local markets, especially if you do a little research on line before you fly to find out where the local people do their shopping. There always seem to be markets for the tourists shopping in the main tourist areas, and these are full of souvenir type objects and local crafts all at “special” tourist prices. However if you look a little further afield you can find the markets where the locals shop and there you will not only find bargains but unusual and unique items as well.

In Prague try the market at the Florenc tube station or the larger Prazska Trznice (Prague Market) In London there is Camden Market and also the more exotic shopping area of Brick Lane. You can also take a train to a smaller nearby town and prices in both shops and markets will be cheaper. In Israel the Shuk Hacarmel in Tel Aviv, the Rosh Eyen Market and Jerusalem’s Machanah Yehuda Markets are all cheap.

Here are some tips on how to bargain in markets and get the best shopping deals.

Use the post-Christmas sales to bring back lots of cheap but quality presents for your family, you can stock up on clothes for your kids and give people armfuls of gifts just by choosing to travel in January when the post-Christmas sales are on.


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