Correctly Dress Your Body Type

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Everyone wants to look their best and how a person dresses can make help keep you looking and feeling great.  Learn how you can choose clothing styles that will accentuate your good features while minimizing the bad.

The best thing to always do to look great is to stand tall.  No one looks their best when they slouch.

To minimize your height, try these helpful tips:

  • Choose pants with cuffs.
  • Wear your shirts and tops longer and looser to make your less look shorter.
  • Avoid monochromatic outfits.  If you wear a dark colored skirt or trousers, wear a
  • Never wear vertical stripes.
  • Don’t go for the delicate look.  Try wearing fabrics with larger prints, too.

To add height, these ideas could be very helpful:

  • Choose narrow legged pants that are tailored to fit your body.
  • Try wearing your top or shirt tucked in.
  • Wear vertical stripes.
  • V-neck top add the illusion of height.

For a trimming effect, follow these guidelines:

  • Try keeping you neckline more open.  Wearing v-shaped necklines and don’t button the very top buttons.
  • Stick to one color when choosing blouses and shirts.
  • Wear a lighter color skirt or trousers.
  • It is true that black really does make a person thinner, so go with darker colors and shades for a trimmer look.
  • You can also look slimmer by sticking with the same color and shade top to bottom.
  • For an evening out, choose a bias cut, lightweight dress.  For men, choosing a tuxedo, double-breasted or single breasted jacket can work wonders.
  • Wide-legged palazzo pants create an effect that will make your thighs look thinner.
  • By choosing a heavier fabric for pants, you can minimize those embarrassing jiggles.

If your broad-shouldered, try using these ideas:

  • Avoid emphasizing the difference between your waist and your shoulders by avoiding tightly belted waistlines.
  • To minimize broad shoulders, stay away from puffy sleeves or padded shoulders.
  • Softer, thinner fabrics will fit more easily and provide relief from that “military” look.
  • Monochromatic looks are also helpful to minimize broad shoulders.
  • Wear a darker color top.  Once again, dark colors are trimming.
  • a pinstripe is a great way to distract attention from broad shoulders.

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