How to get salon look hair colors from home

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You can get the salon look hair dye from home too. You don’t have to pay hundred of dollars at the salon. You can get it at home too. It’s not as costly and you can style it anyway that you like. This is the fun of doing your hair at home. You can get someone in your home to help you or get a back view mirror. You will also need plenty of accessories in order to get it right. You will need them to section out your hair and to wrap and cover parts that you don’t want the color or highlights. It’s fun to do multiple colors instead of one color over all. It looks more professional that way and more tasteful. It looks awful when it’s all one color.

First, you will need to buy the frosty hair dye or bleach at the store. You will need a special type and the normal type won’t do. You will need the special hair bleach cream that are there for extreme bleaching or highlighting so that you will get the salon look. You will need one that is called highlight frost for salon look. It will say that on the bottle but most highlighting product will give you the salon look whereas the normal colors won’t give you the natural salon looks. You need to buy that product. They can be anywhere from $7-$20 per box and it will depends on what you buy. You can also get a better deal when they’re on sales too.

You have to take notice that you won’t always get the color that is on the box if your hair is really dark since most of these are blond highlights. You will also need to test it first to see what colors it will come out to be. If it’s really bad, you can blend it with a lighter color. You should buy an extra hair dye box just in case the color of the highlighter is not what you want. You can buy a different color or a lighter color and put it there for use when you need it. When the testing color is right, you can go ahead and do your highlights. Highlights should be sparingly instead of all over your head. You will get a better look if it’s sparingly instead of all over your head. You should wait for at least half an hour because if you wash it too soon the color will fade away faster. Afterward, you can wash and condition your hair. You can save the remainder without mixing them since you won’t be using all of your highlights. Now you have a salon look hair highlights from home.


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