Battle Depression Without Drugs

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     The first step to battling depression is your diet. You should learn to cut junk food out of your diet, or at least minimize it. Instead of having a whole bowl of ice cream, eat a quarter of it. Or better yet, enjoy some fat free ice cream or fresh fruit instead. You will feel less heavy and less blotted. Ultimately, you are boosting your confidence and energy by feeling healthier.

     The next step to battling depression without drugs is remembering to get your exercise. Move your treadmill in view of the television. This way while you are watching your favorite show, you can be burning calories. After your show is over, turn the t.v off for a while. This is the perfect opportunity to fit in more family time. Go for a walk, or build a snowman with the kids. Get your blood pumping and laugh more with your family. Research has found that regular physical activity appears as effective as psychotherapy for treating mild to moderate depression. Exercise can also help to reduce anxiety.

     Another great idea is to think about others less fortunate. Look at the person on the street corner, begging for some spare change. Be grateful for the good things that you have in your life. Maybe bring this person a sandwich or a blanket. Donate to causes that you would like to support, such as helping feed homeless kids. Helping others is a great way to make yourself feel better. It’s rare that you see someone who is helping others, bad about themselves.

     Laughter is good. It releases endorphins into the brain. Endorphins are the chemical that create the “natural high” in our bodies and reduce pain. Try to make as many friends as you can. Join others lives by getting involved in things like church, dance groups or cooking classes. Let great laughter be great therapy.

     Another great step to battling depression is to have someone reliable to talk to. Seek counseling. Talk with a professional. It is good to express  your thoughts and feelings, even in the form of words on paper. Start a daily journal. Anything to express what you are feeling instead of keeping it bottled up. The longer you keep your problems to yourself, the harder it will be in the end to feel good again. Take control of your life!!!


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