Strategies for dealing with and overcoming depression

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   Depression for some is just a fact of life. Yet all of will go through depression at least once in our life. This can last as long as a couple days or even longer. The feelings it produces are that of helplessness, as though you were in a deep hole with little prospect of getting out, despite your struggles. Often depression for the average person is brought on by a series of events in life where things just dont seem to be going there way, this could be loss of a job, mounting bills, increasing pressure and the list goes on. For some though, depression is caused by a chemical/hormone imbalance and in this case is due to medical reasons and often its effects last much longer and perhaps even permanently compared with the average person.

  Its interesting to note with those that suffer or will suffer with severe depression in the united states alone are almost 20%. What this means is that this will be depression severe enough to warrant medical attention. No one is immune to this either, and while as you get older you are four times more likely to have depression no one is immine to this debilitating disease. The reason I mention this is to show those who suffer with this depression, are not alone. Because this disease of depression is widespread we now have far more resources to avail ourselves of and in turn manage and even overcome depression.

   In this article we will look at three different areas of life where we can make some adjustments in order to change our circumstances and be reduced, if not free of depression. These areas are medical treatments, Diet and nutrition and excersize and recreation.

medical Treatment

   Medical treatments include the use of drugs in the form of antidepressants and the help of psychiatric proffesionals. Often antidepressants are prescribed in the case of those who suffer with severe depression wether this is Major Depression or Manic/Bi-Polar Depression. These forms of depression are ussually because of a serious hormonal and chemical imbalance and cannot be controlled entirely by ones diet or excersize. Its important that if you have the symptoms of these forms of depression you do seek proffesional help drom doctors specializing in this field, and beyond that even seeking the help of more than one proffesional is advisable because these depression diseases are misdiagnosed from time to time.

There are a number of anti depressants on the market these days, which is a good thing in that we are all made a little differently and there for the effects and more importantly the side effects can vary from person to person. So if one drug does not work for our depression or our antidepressant has some less than desirable side effects we can easily have another one prescribed for depression.

   There are several disciplines in even the psyhiatric proffesion, which gives one lots of options as to the treatment available. In the case of those whom are dealing with depression just because of things not going well in life, the loss of a loved one or just mounting pressure, these proffesionals can help show us ways to manage these without drugs, just sound advice. Further there are even counselors we can go to for this kind of treatment without the use of antidepressants. What also can help is confiding in one of our closer friends or family members by talking out our problems with them.

Diet and Nutrition

   When it comes to our nutrition and what we eat, this can effect the sufferer of depression greatly. In our north american society and even spreading abroad, our foods are becoming more and more processed. Due to this mass amounts of food are made at one time and the use of substances to extend the life of these products is being employed and developed far more frequently. We have many sodium based products in these processed foods and also lots of sugars in order to make these products more appealing to the consumer.

  Balance is key when we think of our diet because these products in proportion are not detrimental to us. If though we consume large amounts of these products we will thus be affected negatively by them. Our systems just cant handle them. For example, when we look at the consumption of sugar. Sugar in large quantities especially where concentrated, ei. candy, chocolate bars……. create such a rush or high that when finally the sugar runs out our bodies are so run down that we thus feel drained and in turn we are more prone to extreme lows and depression.

  We should with this imformation want to regulate our diets and such things as sugar should be cut out where possible. The trick is to keep our meals natural, focusing on the intake of fruits and vegetables. Another vice of ours is the consumption of coffee. Where as one cup a day is often just enough to get ourselves moving in the morning, we need to keep it in balance. Coffee contains caffeine which, like sugar, produces a high and thus when the effect runs out we feel drained and again are more prone to depression. This also applies to most of the energy drinks on the market.

Excersize and Recreation

  Excersize is also very important when it comes to combating depression. What were not looking for here is an intense six day program of excersize where all of our muscles are being worked. The only goal here is to keep it consistent, whatever we like to do. Running, Jogging even walking are all we need to keep in our excersize routine. About a half hour three times a week is often all that is neccesary to start. What happens when we work out is our pituitary gland releases a little hormone called endorphin. This hormone combats depression in that it creates a natural high that lasts right up to when we are exhausted. The more we make use of this hormone while working out the more of it is produced and the longer its effect.

   Recreation is another important and yet less touched on subject when it comes to managing depression. What we watch and read about has a tendency to stick with us and in turn what we dwell upon. When all we watch and read about contains violence or depressing subject matter the more this is likely to affect our thinking especially when it comes to the scewed view of the world around us In order to manage and overcome depression we need to start taking in more positive entertainment and information.

In conclusion, There are many more resources out there to assist those with depression. Its important if you have or know of someone with depression you continue to seek these resources out and educate yourself.


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