Jamaican Mores- Part 2 — Easy to Kill

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With the stealth of James Bond, the Jamaican man prepares to leave his wife for his gal.  He’s concocted some lie which will have him in Havendale when he’s going to Nannyville. 

He drives as if he’s being tailed, making strange turns, and eventually arrives to collect tonight’s slam, ‘off the front page’.  After all, he’s married. He doesn’t want to be seen.

He isn’t seen.
His body may not be found for twenty four hours.

It’s the easiest scam to run, because it is one of the few in which the victim conspires against himself. 

The gal, tarted up to look ready opens her legs for the potential victim.  He, as if he’s been in prison for ten years, turns into a ram goat.  Her boyfriend is standing outside, having elected the best car, having seen the driver, so he’s given her a ring on the cell phone, and she bypasses those who arrived at the club in junkers, and goes to him. 

They leave the club, and if things are right, she’ll have him take her to the potential crime scene. If things aren’t set up, she’ll make a date with him for another day.

On this other day, he, with the stealth of James Bond, leaves his wife, drives in his shake tail fashion, and arrives in the nice secluded place and is set upon by her boyfriend, usually killed, and all his value is taken.

Wife isn’t concerned, hubby stays out all night on occasion.  Friends of hubby don’t think of looking for him, or feel any kind of alarm if Wifey actually calls them to report the missing mate.

Hubby’s body is found, with no identification, by some passerby, and the police arrive.

By this time, the vehicle has been chopped in some other Parish, the Gal and Boyfriend are in another Parish.

There’s no connection between the dead body of Hubby in Nannyville and the Gal, who certainly doesn’t live there. So it’s another murder/robbery which will remain unsolved.

This scam works well and will continue to work well, as so many Jamaican men will jump on anything that is passingly female.  Married men (whether legal or common law) are the Marks, as the unmarried man has no reason to disguise his whereabouts, nor is he going to turn into some dark alley, for he has nothing to hide.

The only useful advice is for married women, (common and legal) to effect double jeopardy policies on straying men.


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