How to refresh cigars

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Cigars get dry in just over a few weeks whereas it will take a lot of time, usually months before they can be restored to their original shape. Also one thing must always be kept in mind that restored cigars will never taste as good as the fresh ones. As they say, prevention is much better than cure, same is true for cigars as well. For now though we are going to focus on how to refresh cigars that have gone dry and lost their taste.

One thing that all cigar smokers should get totally is that cigar is not a regular smoke, it is an indulgence and like all things royal it demands pampering. You would not be doing your senses a favor if the cigars that you’re offering are from not a reliable source. The correct treatment and appropriate storage facility for them also are the other things that should not be taken lightly.

A dry cigar can be refreshed using one of the many ways that are usually used to treat them. Now if your cigar has become awfully dry but the wrapper is still in its original form, you need not worry, as there is still hope. The rate at which the cigar will be refreshed though will be slow and one must have a lot of patience to live through the whole process. In case the wrapper has gotten destroyed the cigar should be done away with as nothing much can be done in order to restore it. Of course there are cases when the cigar will be extremely dry it will just become dust in your fingers, no point of return from there!

So how do we go about refreshing cigars? First step is to just remove them from their wrappers, as that will make them leave them drier. Of course if these cigars are not extremely dry they can be put inside a huge walk-in humidor where they can get damp slowly, this ideally is 70% humidity. When 4-6 days pass, the cigars can be put in the humidor individually. You will have to keep on checking after you’ve done this. After the wrappers have regained their form and the body of these cigars feels smooth you can put the cigars back in their cigar box. Just give it at least 6-12 months before starting to smoke, if you can be that patient that is!


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