Websites Are Indispensable Tools in Driving Traffic to Your Online Articles

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I earlier posted an article highlighting the role of my web site,, in driving traffic to my articles. It indeed is a very potent tool in increasing page views.

Using Google Analytics

I prepared a pie chart to show how each referrer contributed to my page views. Notably, my web site ranked second. I noticed that with this increase in referral made through my web site, Google Analytics revealed that my bounce rate increased significantly than usual, culminating at 100%. This means that whenever visitors land on my site, they are redirected right away to my articles in another site. This makes my website a major referrer bringing readers that get to visit my website to my articles in another site.

Using Thumbnails in Designing Website

I crafted my web site in such a way that visitors would click my articles at Triond. I used thumbnails that link with my articles. Whenever visitors click on them, which they did more than 80% of the time, as revealed by the Site Overlay in Google Analytics, then they are brought to my articles. It had become so effective that the visitors no longer explore my web site, a positive development for my articles in another site but negative for my own web site. This need redesign again to distribute traffic to both my articles and my personal web site.

Web Site Design Undoubtedly Increase Page Views

The conclusion of the matter: Web site design can drive significant traffic to articles whereever they are written. So it pays to have your own web site designed for such purpose. I do not know anything html but I was able to design a website as if by a professional web designer (according to my friends). See my website, Palawaniana, to see how it looks.

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