How to Insulate a Metal Garage Door Easily

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Insulating a garage door helps keep the outside temperature out.

The vinyl coating gives a nice finished look to the interior of the garage door and it comes with molding strips. The vinyl coating prevents the Styrofoam from shedding pieces all over the garage.
Whatever region you live in, if you use heating or air conditioning then it is a good idea to insulate your garage door.

Things You’ll Need:

  • razor knife
  • Styrofoam insulating kit(order through a garage door company or Home depot or Lowes. App $99)
  • measuring tape
  • any long straight edge to cut along(yard stick, level etc)
  • Safety Glasses
  1. Step 1 Measure the panel area.

    Measure the horizontal and vertical area of the garage door panel area. There is a metal lip on the garage door, so you may want to cut the panel a 1/4 inch less than the measurement so that you can fit the panel in without breaking it.

  2. Step 2 Cut the panels according to your measurements.

    Cut the vinyl faced side of the panel according to your measurements. Save any of the cut pieces until you are finished because you will most likely need some of the scraps to piece into some areas.

  3. Step 3 On most doors you will most likely have to use some of your scraps into some non visible areas.

    On most doors you will most likely have to use some of your scraps into some non visible areas. Do this before inserting the large panels.

  4. Step 4 Snap the panels into place.

    Carefully insert your panels, you will have to carefully bend them a little bit and pull back on the metal garage door lip. Then Press them in place. Take your time you, will be really good at it about the time you are totally finished.

  5. Step 5 You can use your molding strips to give your installation a more finished look.

    Cut the optional molding pieces that should have come with your kit to the same vertical height as your sheeting. You can use these to give the panels a more finished look.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take your time
  • Measure twice, cut once
  • Use a sharp new razor knife blade
  • Do not cut the panels to the exact panel measurements leave approximately a 1/4 inch of slack.

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