The "F" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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This is just a little motor scooter, sort of like a moped. It’s kind of fun and quirky, but don’t depend on it for missions or for anything involving combat.
Speed and handling:The Faggio is slow, the slowest motorcycle in the game. Darn thing sounds like it has a small lawnmower engine under the hood, a really high-pitched lawnmower engine. It takes turns decently, but what can you expect when you’re not going very fast? Still, it’s handling is only fair at best.
Locations:Try Santa Maria Beach in Los Santos. Other than that, it’s kind of up in the air. The Faggio usually only appears in cities, but it’s pretty rare even then.


FBI Rancher

The FBI will uses these to hunt you down and gun you down. Normally, it’s not a good thing to see an FBI Rancher in your rear-view mirror.
Speed and handling: One of the fastest vehicles in the game, even able to catch up with the best sports cars. The FBI Rancher bounces around a bit when you hit bumps at high speeds, but it seems to be able to handle it and doesn’t spin you out of control very often. For one of the larger vehicles, it can even take sharp corners pretty easily if you’re adept with your brake controls.
Locations: FBI Ranchers do not just sit around waiting for you to pick them up. No, no. The only way to get one is to get five stars, wait for the FBI to show up, then hope you can jack one of these vehicles from them before they blow you away. It can be done, but it’s not always easy.



The FCR-900 is based upon a Honda, and in San Andreas it comes in three different varieties. One variety includes a windshield, which you can see in the image below. Another option is quite plain, with no windshield. A third option has the windshield as well as some plating along the sides to cover the engine.
Speed and handling: Fast. I mean, really fast. In fact, one of the fastest vehicles in the game and almost the fastest motorcycle in all of San Andreas. But there’s a downside. It’s a little slow on takeoff. And it doesn’t take those sharp corners as well as some of the other sporty bikes. But it’s still a lot of fun.
Locations:Get all silver awards at the bike school in Las Venturas and the FCR-900 is yours, to be found outside the school waiting for you. Otherwise you can find them in any of the cities. The FCR-900 isn’t the most common of motorcycles, but it pops up enough so that it’s not an extremely rare vehicle in the game.



The Feltzer is an all-around dependable vehicle modeled on a Mercedes Benz.
Speed and handling:The Feltzer has pretty good speed, though not quite as good as a sports car. It’s not great for taking sharp, hairpin turns, but it usually doesn’t spin all over the place and go out of control on you. Also, it seems to take a decent amount of damage. Over all, it’s a solid vehicle to be driving in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Locations:When you work on the Import/Export missions, and only then, there will be a Feltzer parked in Flint County near Back O’ Beyond. But otherwise the Feltzer isn’t too hard to find. They’re quite common in San Fierro, and they’ve been known to be driven throughout Las Venturas. I’ve even seen a few Feltzers in the western portion of Los Santos, usually in the more high-end neighborhoods like Rodeo and such.



It’s a Firetruck. What else do you need to know? Oh yeah, you’ll need this big vehicle to do the Firetruck Missions. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are two types of firetrucks, one that shoots water from a hose on top and one that doesn’t but has a large ladder on its back. The Firetruck with the ladder is pretty rare, however, though it comes into play in the very last story mission of the game.
Speed and Handling: It might come as a surprise, but the Firetruck actually has really good speed. It’s just a touch slower than I’d like on takeoff, but very soon it can fly right along. The handling is as can be expected, not too great. But what else could such a big vehicle do? The damage a Firetruck can take is monstrous, bordering on the level of a tank or a semi truck, so it can be fun to drive around at high speeds and crash into other vehicles to see them fly around.
Locations:Each city has at least one fire station, and there you can often (but not always) find a Firetruck. In Los Santos, look around the Glen Park district, especially on the South side. For San Fierro, check out Doherty for the fire station. Las Venturas has a fire station between Redsands and Redsands East. The fastest way to get a Firetruck, however, is to start a fire and wait for the firemen to show up. Then all you have to do is steal their truck!



The Flash is a tiny little vehicle, perhaps the smallest car in the game. It’s based upon a Nissan.
Speed and handling: I love this car! It’s not really a sports car, but it has excellent acceleration and top speed. And it handles like a dream, taking sharp twists and turns with very little of the back end sliding out from under you. The only downside its its durability. The Flash really isn’t any more able to take gunfire or crashes than any average car in San Andreas.
Locations: I see these cruising around San Fierro from time to time, and rarely along The Strip in Las Venturas. On very, very rare occasions I’ve spotted a Flash in the western portions of Los Santos.



The Flatbed is a hefty-sized truck, usually carrying boxes on its back, that looks like something the military might be driving.
Speed and handling: The Flatbed is very slow with its acceleration, but once you get going this puppy really gets going. It doesn’t handle great, though its weight keeps it from spin outing of control and/or turning over. Sharp turns are impossible. Still, the Flatbed can take a lot of damage and is so weighty you can just knock other vehicles out of the way with it.
Locations:Check out the freight depot in Fallen Tree, Flint County, because there is usually a Flatbed being driven around there somewhere. Just about anywhere there is an industrial area (such as docks or construction), you will sometimes find a Flatbed. Prickle Pine and the Hoover Dam areas often spawn the Flatbed, and I’ve seen a few by the airports, especially between the docks and the airport in San Fierro.



Except for a mission or two, you don’t really need the Forklift, but it’s there if you want to tool around in it and see what it is capable of. Which is not much other than lifting some boxes.
Speed and handling: As you can guess, this vehicle sucks to drive. Low speed. Low takeoff. Just awful steering. Just about any turn at all will make the Forklift bounce out of your control. It seems to over-correct way to much whenever you try to make a turn. But you can get a little used to it. Still, it’s annoying.
Locations:All the airports in cities will have a Forklift somewhere. There’s also usually one at the Angel Pine saw mill South of San Fierro. The easiest Forklift to find is in a warehouse just to the South of where the Import/Export car drop is located.



The Freeway is a pretty common vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It appears to be a rather plain version of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Speed and handling: The Freeway is sort of a middle ground motorcycle in the game when it comes to speed. Once you get going it can fly along, but its acceleration is rather slow, at least compared to the sports bikes in the game. The Freeway does not have great handling. You’re not going to be able to make hairpin turns with this thing. The best you can do is kind of slowly bend into a turn. But that doesn’t mean the Freeway is an awful motorcycle, it’s just not one of the best in the game. It will get you where you’re going, and it can be fun to drive.
Locations:If you get all bronze awards at the bike school, a Freeway will appear outside the school in Las Venturas. But you won’t have to wait for that to get a Freeway. Literally, they’re all over the place. I see them often on the roads in the country, and they’re often in the cities, too, though I don’t seem to see them quite as much in downtown Las Venturas as I do San Fierro and Los Santos. Gas stations and truck stop in the country are a favorite place for the Freeway to spawn.


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