How to Get a Capricorn Woman to be Your Girlfriend

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A Capricorn woman is very picky about her mates. And she often keeps her guard up when it comes to going in a relationship. However, this does not mean that men cannot win her love at all. There are actually few tricks that can put her guard down and enable her to become your girlfriend. If you have been planning on pursuing one follow the steps given below. They will tell you exactly how to approach her.

Step 1. Improve yourself. The first thing for a Capricorn woman is physical attraction. She is into down-to-earth sophisticated look. Just keep your hair short, wear casual shirts, comb your hair, use cologne and brush up your manner.

Step 2. Whenever you see her treat her like a lady so that you can indirectly let her know that you are a gentleman.

Step 3. Be serious about the importance she has in your life and do not flirt. Actually, flirting scares off the Capricorn woman very easily since she tends to think logically. That is, she usually thinks that if the person does not know her well he cannot love her. Therefore, do not invite in any kind of playful things for her.

Step 4. Take her to any kind of normal dates you like but do not spend much money on her. A Capricorn lady keeps eye on how much a man spends and from that she decides how serious he is about securing his future. If you spend too much she will pull away, but if you spend less she will be with you. So keep everything under normal budget.

Step 5. For conversation, bring in the topics of your work and major. Remember here, you do not need an extraordinary job or major to impress this woman. All you need to do is show her that you care about what you do and how you have planned on your future. This is highly important since this lady is attracted to goal-oriented men.

Step 6. In the beginning never bring in sex as a topic or try to touch in her private places. Anything sexual will push her away since this lady has conservative approach towards sex. That is, she will be completely physical only in a secure relationship.

Step 7. Be stable while pursuing her. You do not need to chase her aggressively. Just text or call her everyday to ask her how she has been doing. Also give her hint that you would always be by her side. This will let her know that you are loyal.

Step 8. Finally, initiate asking her whether she would like to be your girlfriend in an elegant way. But remember one sound of laughter or hesitation coming out of you will put her in dilemma. Therefore, be serious and strong when you ask her the question and also let her know exactly why you like her. Otherwise, she will stay in doubting mode.

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