How To Start A Vineyard

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Choosing Property: You need to decide where your location is going to be and all the rules and regulations that apply in starting a vineyard. Can you plant anything on it? And can you plant vines on it? And if you can plant vines on it, how is it with water and electricity to the property? Is there a drilled well on it, and how much water can be pumped out of that well? When knowing this you have to think of how much water will your vines need? So before buying anything, check with the local authorities what applies in your region. Also, make sure to get a good look at the property you decide to obtain. Does it suit all that is needed to start a new vineyard? Is it a sunny and bright location? What condition is the soil? Take everything into account, including the size of vineyard you would like to start. Are you looking to start a very large and commercial vineyard? or does it suit you to start a smaller, family owned, cozy vineyard? What about an Organic Vineyard? Another alternative to this is buying an established vineyard, or turn-key operation. After choosing your property, you need to decide on the winemaking process itself. Smaller vineyards simply sell their crops to the local winery and then they produce the wine. If you choose to produce your own wine then you must consider the cost in production. Making your own wine requires a lot of investing in equipment, such as wine-tanks and oak barrels (if you want to produce a higher quality wine) as well as de-steamers and presses. An example of this is if you intend to produce a higher quality of wine, then you will need to store your wine 1-3 years to mature in oak barrels. So, make sure you decide whether you want to produce the wine yourself or sell your crops to the local winery and have them produce the wine.

Okay, you have the property, you’ve decided on how your wine will be produced now it’s on to Marketing! Where are you going to sell your wine, or in the case of just selling the grapes, who will buy it? Create a professional presentation of your vineyard, include a story about yourself, and why you wanted to start your own vineyard, and send it off with a sample of your wine, if you produce your own. If you have chosen to start an Organic, more ecologically sound vineyard, you might find more of an interest since this seems to be the trend and the way things are turning to given the current wave of producing, and creating everything on a more Earth Friendly and Natural way of doing things.


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