Finding The Best Deals On Antiques

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Finding the best deals on antique items is all a matter of comparative shopping.  For those of us who like antiques, you will be surprised on the great selection and prices you can get if you do your homework.

 The way to get the best deals on antiques is to start with a simple search on the Internet.  If you use some of the search engines, you need to enter your geographic area and try to find antique shops and dealers within your immediate area. 

 Next, once you find dealers in your area it is best to narrow it down to 2 or 3 places that you plan to visit.  Make sure you call before you go to these places to find out the hours of operation.  Antique dealers and shops usually have strange hours, normally not a 9-5 operation.

 Finally, once you have narrowed your focus it is best to visit a few stores to see what they have to offer.  Many times dealers will have appraisers on site to discuss pricing and selection.  Try to get the dealer to go lower on an item that you think you may purchase.  Especially during hard economic times, dealers are more prone to cut better deals.

 Many antiques represent a time and place much different than our own.  Some antique pieces such as dishes, vases, lighting and furniture can be quite expensive.  Early modern and Victorian antiques tend to be the more popular among collectors and shoppers.  Make sure you have all items appraised before you spend any kind of “big” money.


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