Top Betting Prediction : 2009 Wimbledon Predictions: Preview-Women’s Tennis

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Women’s tennis is as open as it has been in decades and always to be favorite to watch though from TV channel or field, fans are likely to witness of beauty and sexy as the part of this game for the fans and sponsor but every single player run in to the crown.

In 2009 Wimbledon tournament, I will predict who I believe will win the Wimbledon tournament this year on the women’s side , there are five who have a chance to won the title and that includes the Venus Williams,Dinara Safina,Serena Williams , Sharapova, and Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Venus Williams
Though Venus Williams did not impress in French open but I believe Venus Williams is a player who possesses the premier shot at winning Wimbledon in 2009 on the ladies’ side. The reason is Venus Williams dominant at Wimbledon and she has won the majority of her grand slam titles there also she possesses tremendous strength and a powerful serve, which are two characteristics that are very important for helping a player to win a tournament that features grass courts in this time is Wimbledon.

Dinara Safina
Dinara Safina has risen to the top of the women’s’ rankings without landing a Grand Slam victory, it is not surprising if Dinara Safina is down in the dumps after compatriot Svetlana Kuznetsova thrashed her in the French Open final, So I think Wimbledon Crown will prove she is In the right place in the top. The 23-year-old Russian is a skill full player, sexy and beautiful, crowded will give her full support to deliver her to the title. I believe this is the right time of ending that frustrating run at Wimbledon as she has yet to make it past the third round.

Serena Williams
It is not be a surprise if one of the Williams sister will out as a winner as in the last nine years, Serena is very strong and possesses a very quick serve like her sister and she is a few years younger than Venus Williams, Venus is still playing at a very high level and she has held an edge against Serena at Wimbledon, include Serena Williams know how to win in Wimbledon as she did before.

Maria Sharapova
Sharapova is coming back from an injury and after an unexpected dream run at the French Open she is playing better than her ranking of 59. Maria Sharapova is one of the many talented player will have a chance to win the crown as a queen in Wimbledon in 2009 tournament. Though Williams sister invincible this time and fitness will play a crucial role. Don’t be surprised to see her emerge as one of the clear favorites to reclaim the title which she won in 2004.

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Svetlana Kuznetsova had won French open in Rolland Garros so her morale is high after the crown. She is on fire that is why I believe she can repeat her success in Wimbledon this year; at least she has proved it.

Another good player I believe will have a success story in Wimbledon this year is for Serbian duo Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic, who both failed to make it past the fourth round last year despite being seeded one and two respectively, and have struggled since.
But Success is not always about the crown but more than it, at least they have fulfill the fans desire especially man is so crazy about women’s tennis.



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