Why it’s important to learn how to be assertive and how to set boundaries

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Assertiveness is necessary sometimes in the family or at work. If you can’t be assertive then you might lose your chance to speak up or prevent problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place. There is a price for those that can’t be assertive. There are many people who can’t say anything in time that they should speak up and even in leaders that I’ve seen. If you’re a leader, you must be able to be assertive but I’ve seen a lot of aggression and not assertion. There is a big difference between the two. Aggression is when you yell or get angry at a problem and your aggression is not helping the situation. You might put someone down or even cause them to be angry. When you’re assertive, you are stating the policy of the business or work place and you laid out the rules for the employees. People respect you more if you are assertive and have some type of reasons to back up your assertion. This is different than getting mad at people for no reason at all. It’s your job to be assertive if you’re in an authoritative position.

However, a person can lose out so much in life is they’re unable to be assertive. This is true in relationship or in your family. You end up resenting people or even get angry at people if you can’t be assertive. If you notice how police officer and nurses or doctor are always assertive, this is because it’s necessary in order to do what they need to do. They’re not mean and cold. They’re just doing what they’ve been trained to do. When I used to work in a hospital, I have to learn how to say “no” to patients and their family all the time. When they call in, you have to tell them “no” about visitation or who is in your hospital because that is the law. There are many time when we have to say “no” because that is the law. We can’t say “yes” because we can lose out job over it. We are not mean, cold or rude but we are following the law or workplace policy. If you can’t say “no” when you are required to say “no” then you can get fire over it. If you are able to be assertive, you can save yourself from being fire from your job. If you’re at the work place, and you are able to be assertive enough to fire someone for being a failure at work then you have save your own job plus the organization too.

The same principle applies to your personal relationship. You have to be able to be assertive with your family or your partner. This doesn’t mean that you’re being mean or disrespectful but you’re laying down the rules. Any relationship would succeed more if you have boundaries. When people break those boundaries, you can tell them good bye or you can ground them. If a woman keep taking back a cheater, he will continue to cheat on you because he knows that you can kick him out or say “no” to him. He needs to know that you can kick him out and that you will say “no” to him every time. It’s crucial that you do these things in any type of relationship.


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